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Sasha is a Love Dog now

Benny loves going to school
Benny loves going to school

Sasha is a ten year old Shepherd mix and has the most beautiful soulful brown eyes. She went on her first school visit and aced it. The children loved meeting this gentle dog and appreciated the fact that an older dog can begin a whole new career. They learned to always be kind to animals and never judge a person or animal by just how they look.

No one could resist beautiful Sasha

Sasha got to meet some of the other Love Dogs, Dash, Benny and Petey. They all got along so well and everyone was impressed with their calmness. We always hear comments like "How do you keep the dogs so quiet and calm?" But for our Love Dog therapy teams, it is just what we expect and what the dogs so because they know they are working.

Today was a Be Cool, Not Cruel presentation to a group of students attending Summer Camp at their school. You just never know what you will encounter so we are always prepared for every challenge!

One little girl was brought up to the dogs by her teacher. She was afraid of dogs and her parents knew she would be meeting the Love Dogs today and said it was okay for her to be with the dogs. After a moment with tiny Petey, she even petted the little dog.

Then she looked over at Sasha. Something about the big dog's eyes told the little girl it was ok. She went closer and got to meet Sasha.

Today accomplished something more than we anticipated. A little girl learned the safe way to greet a new dog and was brave enough to try it with the Love Dogs, even the big one.

And fifty other students learned that it was so much more important to Be Cool, Not Cruel with every living being.

When I got home I received this email from a parent - this is why we do what we do:

"I want to thank you for going to my kids' summer camp today. We have two dogs and once my kids got home, they hugged, kissed and told the dogs that they were going to show them how to be lovable dogs. They were so emotional and sad to learn how people mistreat animals. They learned that pets are part of the family that need love, care and respect. Thank you so much for teaching them to care for more than ourselves. It's a lesson they would never forget. My little boy loves our dogs and thanked them for kissing him!"

Congratulations to Rochelle and Sasha., They have a beautiful therapy career ahead of them.

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