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SAS Fitness Solutions Part of Beast Tour & Supporting 17 August VFW Beast Bash

Personal Fitness Trainer, MMA Strength and Conditioning, Group Fitness Training, Free Fitness Consultation, Dallas/Ft. Worth Personal Trainer, Heart Rate Performance Specialist, ACE Certified Trainer, Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach.
Personal Fitness Trainer, MMA Strength and Conditioning, Group Fitness Training, Free Fitness Consultation, Dallas/Ft. Worth Personal Trainer, Heart Rate Performance Specialist, ACE Certified Trainer, Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach.
SAS Fitness Solutions

Seth Spradling isn’t just your average fitness trainer. He’s a Combat Sports Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has participated in Mixed Martial Arts Training for over 10 years, and although he’s not a pro fighter, he’s the guy that the pros go to when it comes to learning how to get in cutting edge shape. His company motto is “You don’t have to be a pro fighter to be in shape like one”. That being said he’s open to clients from all walks of life.

Company Logo
SAS Fitness Solutions, Seth Spradling

A fighter to the core

Spradling knows how to overcome challenges. Having been born with Autism, and told that he was limited by his predicament his entire life; Seth wouldn’t settle and set out prove what hard work and determination will do. Perhaps this is what makes him best at providing training and mentorship to others. From the Pro Mixed Martial Arts athlete who wants to be in peak performance conditioning, to the person who is extremely obese and needs to get in shape for serious health matters; Seth prides himself on always doing the right thing for his clients.

A Startup Company

Seth spends most of his days shuttling across the DFW Metroplex area going from client to client and running MMA Conditioning Boot Camps. This makes an extremely difficult and busy day; especially when you are a one man show. Again, Seth reverts back to the motto that nothing which is good ever comes easy. As part of a promotional effort to get awareness for his business Seth under the name of his company SAS Fitness Solutions joined forces with Dan “The Beast” Severn while on his 2014 DFW Beast Tour. SAS Fitness Solutions is helping to promote and participate in several seminars and other appearances from the week of August 14 through 17th.

August 15th 2014

SAS Fitness Solutions will be assisting with the Dan Severn Seminar at Gracie Gym in Plano. From 6 – 9:30pm He will be networking, handing out business cards and providing advice to those seeking to better themselves through fitness

August 16th 2014

Seth will be conducting a Free MMA Strength and Conditioning session immediately following the Dan Severn Grappling clinic at The Karate School in Lake Worth Texas. His training session will be from 11am till noon.

August 17th 2014

Seth and SAS Fitness Solutions will have a Sponsor table set up at VFW Post 8235 5333 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth during Beast Bash. Beast Bash is a fund raising event that has been sponsored by Dan Severn “The Beast” and is being supported by Manu Bennett of Spartacus and Arrow. There will be an all-Women’s Submission Grappling and Mud Wrestling Tournament and a Men’s Arm Wrestling Championship. The proceeds from Sponsors and competitors will go to support VFW Post 8235 community services which include homecomings for deployed servicemen and women in the area, work with wounded and disabled veterans, lobbying for veteran rights and benefits and even meals on wheels. Vendors will donate 25 percent of their profits to the VFW for this event.

A battle on many fronts

Spradling; who is diligently working at building and developing his brand, while at the same time supporting a charitable cause such as the VFW is also desperately fighting for his own cause, one that hits even closer to home. Seth’s wife is terminally ill and a warrior in her own right. Most recently the two had attended a charity fund raiser in order to raise money so that she can get the much needed surgery required for her to live. This is one of the reasons that Seth and his SAS Fitness Solutions are willing to support The Beast Tour and The Beast Bash by any means necessary. This Tour and the culminating event will provide his startup company with the much needed visibility required to make a successful jump start.

Enter Dan “The Beast” Severn

When three time UFC Champ and Hall of Famer Dan Severn learned that one of his fans was enthralled with such challenges, and was in a time of dire need; The Beast stepped up. This writer had been coordinating for some time to bring Mr. Severn in the area for two reasons; to help refine one’s own grappling game for upcoming events and to organize a seminar for Mr. Severn whilst he was in town. This was originally a two day plan. However, Dan had explained the situation that Mr. Spradling was enduring and emphasized the importance of helping SAS Fitness Solutions make a successful standup.

This is when Dan Severn thought up the Beast Tour. He wanted to do a tour of the DFW area doing several seminars and appearances leading up to a culminating charity event. During each of these appearances and events, SAS Fitness Solutions would be given exposure. The finale being the August 17th Beast Bash which will benefit not only veterans and the VFW; but the community. The Beast Bash event is expecting to bring potentially thousands to the VFW in an concerted effort to raise funds for the charity that Seth Spradling are promoting; all the while helping SAS Fitness Solutions get the word out about their services. Dan said, “I Want this to be a Win – Win, for all parties involved” Needless to say an event this size will be a win; with fun and excitement for all.

Spradling won’t be the only business getting his name out two other businesses are also slated to be vendors at the event and are helping to make this event happen. Posh Blocks a Fort Worth Company that specializes in personally customized Home Décor and Old Glory Ammo a firearms and ammunition company that also has a t-shirt line are both expected to be setting up tables at Beast Bash. Even Spartacus and Arrow Action Star Manu Bennett is supporting this endeavor by donating Ten 8 x 10 inch glossy photos signed by him to be raffled as prizes at the event. Having two extremely generous and supporting celebrities such as Dan Severn and Manu Bennett attached to a cause you are supporting can be a great confidence booster. Spradling and SAS Fitness Solutions are in good company when it comes to support for getting their name out and this could be exactly what he needs to not only stand up his business but get that much needed surgery for his wife while at the same time uplifting an organization that is one of the pillars in the community.

In closing this article, Spradling embodies the hard work, determination and drive that it takes to be a success in either the endeavors of business or fitness. He is a shining example of how dedicating time and effort into community service such as raising charity funds for veterans can also be a great opportunity to set the example for others and get the word out about his business. For those who are interested in knowing more about Seth and his company you can like him on Facebook or go directly to his web page

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