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Sarcopenia reduction and how to reverse it

Two Seniors Stretching Before or After the Work Out
Two Seniors Stretching Before or After the Work Out

Sarcopenia is now one of the most trending upcoming topics, along with osteoporosis and arthritis, which is keeping many health populations from exercising due to losing muscle mass and becoming weaker. It is the simple phrase that many that people have heard over the years, if you do not work it, out you will eventually lose it, and that is true for many adults that do not take the time to take part in a proper cardiovascular routine along with a strength training routine. Research has been proving many times over and over again that taking part in a regular exercise routine will help eliminate many health conditions of course with taking in healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Many seniors wonder why they are lacking in their workouts and not achieving the goals they desire, and it is simply because they are not taking part in a workout that has the protocol that will help them achieve their goals. There is one molecular aspect that needs to be taken into mind and that is the Reactive Oxygen Species, which are produced naturally during aerobic metabolism as molecules help balance homeostasis, but if they are not used, the Reactive Oxygen Species will overproduce causing breakdown and damage to mitochondria and will eventually start attacking muscle cells.

Reactive Oxygen Species is one effect on Sarcopenia, but so is the association with the lack of nutrition such as the lack of Vitamin D, and lean protein, fruits and vegetables that have amazing antioxidants. The answer is simple by starting to take in healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables, much higher than the standard which is 5-6 cups a day, consuming these in the 10-15 cups range, along with eating very lean sources of protein such as chicken, turkey and fish and eliminating high fatty foods.

Of course one should increase exercise daily with at least 30 minutes a day and even up to 60 minutes with proper cardiovascular exercise and a strength training program. Seniors today can get a great work out from the Silver Sneakers programs that are offered at their local health clubs or community centers. If these protocols are practiced on a daily basis through nutrition and exercise, one can overcome Sarcopenia or at least reduce its symptoms.