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Sarcastic results of change

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The vicious circle continues …. Sarcastic results of ‘change’

‘Follow the money’ is a well-known repeated slogan, like other speeches. Fame, intellect, politics, art and science are too often rewarded not by talent or hard work but by influential people, parents, nudity and dirty money.

  • It is business after all.

‘Capitalism’ is failing the people; destroying the soul.

The entire philosophy of capitalism is built on money and corruption. Starting by lobbyists in the government and the government it-self, everyone is more worry about their own mental or physical defects.

Unfortunately, the problem is how the country is being run.

Enslaving the people.

  • Slavery: a solid comeback in the country!

Poor and middle class alike can barely survive. They are condemned to work at low paying jobs for corporations that are sponsored by lobbyists through governments.

  • So let the poor work, go to war, care for the sick, etc.
  • Let industrialized farming continue their cruelty … The poor need to eat.
  • Let there be more drugs … The poor need to be happy. Drugs can be covered under the new Obama care.
  • Let there be more credits availability!

In the meantime:

  • The economy is freefalling.
  • Employment is low.
  • Big companies are the successful financial leaders of our modern society.

Clap your hands if you’re happy!

If you’re not spiritually happy; hold on to prescribe drugs.

  • The change has been made!

Prescribed opioids are for the poor and middle class.

Heroin and cocaine are for the rich.

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