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Sarasota police receive funding to replace aged computer software system

The Sarasota city council approved $850,000. in funding for the city's police department to replace its antiquated computer software system in the police communications center. With the purchase of a modern computer system, long-overdue enhancements will be realized.

Sarasota City Council approved $850,000. to purchase a new computer software system to replace the old one still used by the Sarasota Police Department. The newer system will enhance the effectiveness of the police force.
Sarasota Police Department

The city council allocated the purchase amount from its "equipment fund".

The current archaic computer system has been in operation since its purchase in the 1980s and is clearly outmoded and insufficient to meet the needs of the Sarasota Police Department's mission and the citizenry it serves.

With the purchase of a New World system, police supervisors will have more acute and readily-available access to geo-data. This GPS-based feature facilitates knowledge for supervisors to better coordinate resource allocations and officer deployments.

Public safety 9-1-1 operators --police dispatchers-- will be accorded computer equipment with faster speeds to input calls, dispatch appropriate resources, and respond more effectively to citizens and city staff alike. Additionally, the newer system will allow 9-1-1 operators to interface with neighboring agencies in the event a mutual-aid request materializes. Agencies can better rely on each other via seamless inter-communications.

Further, the street addresses within the Sarasota police jurisdiction will be built-in to indicate special circumstances at certain residences and businesses, such as if a person suffering mental illness resides or works at a particular dwelling. Foreknowledge by Sarasota police officers as they respond to calls for service enables preparation beyond the ordinary means.

Similar to the aforementioned, the new computer system will also have addresses with articulations pertinent to "universal precautions", such as a citizen suffering a debilitating illness which may have implications of contagion. Both police and fire personnel can be alerted in advance of response so as to prepare accordingly, respectfully.

A significant improvement the new computer system will offer is the capability to interact with other law enforcement agencies in the form of data-sharing. Old and outmoded standards were based in sensitive and/or valuable information closely guarded within the drawers (databases) of a particular agency. The lack of sharing such data only served as a hindrance to other agencies to function within the realm of a "team effort".

Via data-sharing methodologies and capabilities, one agency availing its base of information (criminal and/or logistical intelligence) to other like-oriented agencies serves the entire community's far better than unshared, crucial information.

With the advent of myriad applications provided by a modern-age computer software system in Sarasota's police communications center, the citizens benefit demonstrably by their police force being equipped to facilitate needs and accomplish objectives with a more technologically-sound computer system.


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