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Sarasota police brew 'Coffee with a Cop' program

The Sarasota has announced the second in a series of its "Coffee with a Cop" program, designed to unite the citizens with Sarasota cops to talk informally and get to know each other better.
Sarasota Police Department

The Sarasota, Fla., police force has rolled out table settings and introduced its "Coffee with a Cop" program. Designed to have the Sarasota police officers and citizens of the community interact over a mug of coffee and have, well, coffee talk...the program is a relatively novel experience for the Sarasota cops.

The second in a new series of similar events to be held on a regular basis, the next Sarasota Police Department-sponsored "Coffee with a Cop" installment will be on March 11, 2014 from 8:30 thru 10:00 a.m. at First Watch Downtown. One may wonder about the irony of Sarasota's "Coffee with a Cop" program being held at a coffee establishment named First Watch, a seemingly befitting venue.

As the Sarasota "Coffee with a Cop" invitation declares: "No agenda or speeches, just a chance to ask questions, voice concerns, and get to know the officers in your neighborhood!"

Such an event is rather new as it relates to police/community relations. Progressive law enforcement agencies embrace such concepts and introduce programs like the "Coffee with a Cop" so as to elicit community participation and also to educate the public about the police role and its mission.

By talking informally over coffee and getting to know one another, the community is assured of its law enforcement agency's objectives and well-intentioned relations.


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