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Sarasota doubles team takes over the No. 1 position in Florida women's state

Current, unofficial standings are released for Florida women's state tournament.
Current, unofficial standings are released for Florida women's state tournament.

A Sarasota doubles team, Ashley Barnes and Peggy Parker, has taken over the lead in handicap doubles after the second weekend of competition (May 17-18) in the Florida Women's State Bowling Association's annual championship tournament, being conducted in Fort Myers.

Barnes, entering with a 152 average, rolled games of 187, 147 and 191 for a 525 scratch series, while Parker, entering at 141, posted scores of 157, 157 and 200, which, coupled with their handicap, resulted in a net pinfall of 1,479. The duo's total was just enough to edge the first-weekend leaders, Renee Hall and Sharon Comito of Coconut Creek, who had a score-to-beat of 1,476.

"It feels pretty great, knowing all the great female bowlers that show up for this event," Parker understated. "I was fortunate to have a great partner whose great scores helped us to first place."

Meanwhile, a Sarasota foursome continues to top the leaderboard in the four-player team event. The All Bright Windows team -- consisting of Alicia Freuhwald, Darlene Bonds, Alison Forgeur and Marlene Fisher -- put up a first-weekend handicap score of 2,836, and the closest any second-weekend team was able to come was the 2,745 score achieved by a West Palm Beach group called Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

The only other event to have a second-weekend lead change was scratch singles, in which Sherry Cockfield of Village of Palmetto rolled a 628 to overtake runner-up Stephanie Favors of Stuart by a single pin.

Both all-events leaders held firm, with Samantha McCue of Fort Myers setting the handicap pace with 2,186, while Sharon Comito of Coconut Creek stayed on top with a scratch total of 1,879. Other event leaders were Lucille's BBQ of Coconut Creek (2,092 in scratch team), Veronika Tucker and Tanya Henry of Tampa (1,300 in scratch doubles), and Leane Damminger of St. Augustine (854 in handicap singles).

Among other entrants from the Sarasota-Manatee-Charlotte County area, Rochelle Banks of Sarasota continued to hold the No. 3 position in handicap singles with 764, while Pat Peters of Arcadia is 12th in the same event at 734.

The top three in each of the tournament's eight event categories after the second weekend, plus any Sarasota-Manatee-Charlotte entrants listed among the Top 25:

  • HANDICAP TEAM: 1, All Bright Windows (Sarasota) 2,836; 2, Girls Just Want To Have Fun (West Palm Beach) 2,745; 3, Fab Four (West Palm Beach) 2,737; 4, Misfits (Englewood) 2,729; 12, Pet Passings (Port Charlotte) 2,707; 19, Manatee Mamas (Bradenton) 2,681; 22, Venice Foursome (Venice) 2,667; tie 23, Balls of Fire (Punta Gorda) 2,662.
  • SCRATCH TEAM: 1, Lucille's BBQ (Coconut Creek) 2,092; 2, Long Distance Friends (Fort Myers) 2,080; 3, The Whinos (Coconut Creek) 2,051.
  • HANDICAP DOUBLES: 1, Ashley Barnes and Peggy Parker (Sarasota) 1,479; 2, Renae Hall and Sharon Comito (Coconut Creek) 1,476; 3, Helen Leon and LaQuita Extine (Tallahassee) 1,461; 18, Linda Cook and Dottie Ceurter (Sarasota) 1,367; 19, Brenda Wright and Nicole Wright (Bradenton) 1,384.
  • SCRATCH DOUBLES: 1, Veronika Tucker and Tanya Henry (Tampa) 1,300; 2, Renae Hall and Sharon Comito (Coconut Creek) 1,290; 3, Melanie Ortega and Heidi Williams (Naples) 1,112.
  • HANDICAP SINGLES: 1, Leane Damminger (St. Augustine) 854; 2, Heidi Dean (Holiday) 792; 3, Rochelle Banks (Sarasota) 764; 12, Pat Peters (Arcadia) 734.
  • SCRATCH SINGLES: 1, Sherry Cockfield (Village of Palmetto) 628; 2, Stephanie Favors (Stuart) 627; 3, Sarah Brown (Deltona) 625.
  • HANDICAP ALL-EVENTS: 1, Samantha McCue (Fort Myers) 2,186; 2, Erin Rinderle (Lakeland) 2,172; 3, Stacey Loar (Coconut Creek) 2,164.
  • SCRATCH ALL-EVENTS: 1, Sharon Comito (Coconut Creek) 1,879; 2, Catlyn Paxson (Orlando) 1,815; 3, Roberta Barnes (Ocala) 1,764.

To view the complete, up-to-date tournament leaderboard, click here.

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