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Sarah Silverman video: Jesus Christ cusses, watches 'NCIS,' discusses abortion

Actress Sarah Silverman arrives to Audi Celebrates Golden Globes Weekend at Cecconi's Restaurant on January 9, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Comedienne Sarah Silverman certainly knows how to get people's attention and her latest video, which co-stars a very chummy Jesus Christ who is in need of Sarah's help in stopping others from using his name to spread intolerance, is no exception, as The Inquistr revealed Jan. 24. The funny lady is on a mission from God. (Well, actually, the son of God, at his request, or so she says in the video.) And although Jesus is full of his usual wisdom in trying to convince the comic to help him with the intolerance problem, he seems also to have kept up with the times.

He likes "NCIS," just like most people. And Jesus isn't averse to using his name with "F***ing" as a middle moniker, like most action adventure movie heroes. And just like the Jesus everyone -- in a Christian and Muslim family, that is -- grew up with, he talks about love for one's fellow man. It's a nice conflation of a traditional and modern Jesus Christ, like a buddy you'd watch TV with -- and discuss current events.

So Sarah Silverman is an agnostic Jew. Who better for Jesus Christ to pay a visit to? He was Jewish himself, you know...

Couching the video as a visitation slash sleepover party with the Prince of Peace is definitely a vehicle that was sure to garner attention. Well, along with that "Jesus 'F***ing' Christ" bit. Oh, and that part about abortions...

The video is designed to rally support for "V To Shining V," a national pride day for women, which is being organized by Lady Parts Justice. It is scheduled for September 28th, 2014, and rallies will be conducted in every state capital in the United States. Lady Parts Justice an organization intent on getting the message out that politicians throughout America are attempting to pass legislation designed to strip women of their personal privacy, their dignity, and their right to choose. The organization has embarked on a campaign of awareness for women's reproductive rights, basing their message on the idea that education and awareness just might go a long way to help thwart the tonnage of legislation created to crush the existing right of each individual American woman to choose whether or not she finds an abortion necessary, Sarah Silverman, explains in the video how some religious elements within the United States have taken their religious interpretations to an extreme, using religious values to push a political agenda. She says that not only is much of the legislation, like lawfully forcing women to undergo vaginal probing (a very invasive procedure) prior to a planned abortion or forcing a woman to view ultrasounds of the fetus, unconstitutional but it is un-American as well.

To help bolster her position, she notes that it wasn't until an act of Congress in the 1950s that "In God We Trust" was placed on American monetary units. The same goes for the addition of "under God" to the "Pledge of Allegiance." Both, she insists, are contradictory to the separation of church and state concepts built into the Constitution by the Founding Fathers, who likely did so to protect the people from the overbearing authoritarianism often used by the religious to dominate and control -- something many of the founders and their predecessors fought and escaped from in the Old World.

In the video, Sarah, who is braiding Jesus' hair, gets a chance to ask what he thinks about the "Where life begins" question. Jesus wisely answers: “Fertilized eggs aren’t people, people are people.” But, he adds, “People who believe fertilized eggs are people are people too. You have to love them. You’re not better than them.”

This is a direct slap at religious conservatives who argue that life begins at conception, which is described as being when the female egg is fertilized by male sperm.

But she must be given credit. Known for her potty-mouth and irreverent style of comedy, she did steer clear of Second Coming jokes while discussing the abortion topic.

But Sarah Silverman, when Jesus first appears to her, isn't so sure that she should be the one to disseminate the message that he's grown weary of people using his name to simply be intolerant of others. She even suggested other methods and noted that nobody would even listen to her. That's when Jesus assured her that people would listen, and when asked how he could be sure, he told her: "I'm Jesus F***ing Christ."

Of course, he was right. People are paying attention -- at least long enough to see the video.

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