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Sarah Palin: Winner

Sarah Palin 2012
Sarah Palin 2012
Daniel Bruski

I know I’ve talked about this before, but the current course of events have caused me to come back and repeat what I have expressed many times: Sarah Palin is qualified to be and can be elected President of the United States. It seems that Establishment Republicans and those who haven’t served a day in politics and hide behind their Palin-hating op-eds and interviews need a hefty wakeup call.

Establishment Republicans have been going after Sarah Palin since she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate during the 2008 presidential election. Those attacks and lies are reaching their death, because whether they like it or not their idiotic words have absolutely no effect on the former Alaska Governor whatsoever. RINO GOPers hate Palin because she’s an actual, Consistent Conservative, and she is the only prospected 2012 candidate that has been getting involved in each and every policy issue coming from the Congress and White House.

George Will and Charles Krauthammer, among others, have been on a mission to discredit and damage Sarah Palin. Will stated that the Governor “cannot be elected president because she cannot compete where elections are decided.” This coming from someone who’s never been in the political arena and thinks he can seek shelter behind his interviews and op-eds? Mr. Will is a complete idiot, like his friend and fellow RINO Charles Krauthammer. Speaking of Krauthammer, he also had the gall to talk smack about Palin: he calls her “rather weak” and gives her absolutely “no chance of winning” in the 2012 presidential battle. Nothing better than having two incompetent op-ed alumni’s attempting to trash someone who actually has political experience … sarcasm, that was.

The Republican National Committee held a debate today including their current chairman, Michael Steele, and four other candidates vying for the top job in the GOP. The RNC is seeking the right individual who will successfully lead the party into the all too important 2012 presidential election. Michael Steele should receive some of the credit for the successful midterm election Republicans had in November of last year; they garnered the majority in the House, took six new Senate seats, and managed to get the majority of governorships as well as many state legislatures. Whether many people like it or not, Steele did lead the “Fire Pelosi” brigade that ended up firing Nancy Pelosi big time.

Getting to the point, all five of the RNC Chairman candidates (including the incumbent, Michael Steele) unanimously agreed that Sarah Palin can win a general election against Barack Obama. Yes, you read that right, all five of the candidates believe that the former Alaska Governor can win if she would run against Barack Obama in 2012. That’s extremely encouraging. The reason being is because it doesn’t really matter who’s elected as the next GOP Chairman, because whoever gets in would certainly support a Sarah Palin candidacy for American President. At least that’s what I believe. And in that case, I encourage the Governor to get in the ring and show the men how it’s done … Alaska-style!

Joe Scarborough, Peggy Noonan, Matt Labash and all the other so-called Conservatives need to move outta the way and let the Consistent Conservatives get the job done right. RINOs are getting phased out, this great country cannot bare another moment with fakes leading the way Serious change is required if the Republican Party is to survive. Those who think they can hide behind their “anonymous sources” and their idiot-filled op-eds and television interviews, we know who they are. Sarah Palin is being treated like Ronald Reagan in 1979-1980, and he prevailed by winning a landslide victory against incumbent Jimmy Carter. Convenient Conservatives – or fakes – need not apply and must stay out of the way.

There’s only one person with the experience, the willpower, and the backbone of tempered steel that can defeat the inexperienced, the weak and the wobbliness that isn’t wanted in the United States of America. Real leadership and change with meaning is what our great country craves now more than ever. And I believe the only person that can win, that can heal America, is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Corruptness wouldn’t survive the force that is Sarah Palin. Every RINO, Convenient Conservative and those op-ed geniuses know it deep inside. And they're afraid, they're very afraid.

We started our resurgence by taking the House and gaining six new seats in the Senate, but our next task is far greater. It requires literally saving America from her Socialist-ridden demise. Socialists must be stomped and Conservatives must stand up. The constant attacks and idiotic words being spewed regarding Palin must be tuned out, for they are the ones that stand to lose everything in the end. And they will lose everything, including their bloated egos when Sarah Palin is elected President of the United States. Losers, they will be.

They will lose everything, and the one that will take their glory away has just been agreed upon by all the candidates for Chairman of the Republican National Committee...

...Sarah Palin for America.


  • Thomas Reiter 4 years ago

    Good article Mr. Bruski. Keep up the hard work. Your dedication to Sarah Palin is admirable whether you like her or not.

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