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Sarah Palin ‘willing to go rogue’ for a seat on ‘The View’

Reported July 7, Sarah Palin told The Hollywood Reporter that “The View” needs a “voice of reason,” since the scripts are lacking a “humble sense,” -- OMG!!, “say it ain’t so, Joe.” Apparently Palin believes she could be that person for the show. Maybe she can since she did study journalism (just kidding). Palin couldn’t even name a single newspaper she’d read during an interview with Katie Couric, and she thinks she could be a host on “The View”?

According to The Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter asked Palin if she’d ever consider being a host on a political talk show. Her answer was such a Palinism. Bless her soul. Once again, Palin showcased her non understanding of another interview question.

The View” is a daytime talk show that features a diverse set of daily events, and one that isn’t strictly political. Gotta give Palin some street smarts -- at least her answer reflected a show that sometimes features hot political topics.

“The View” recently lost Barbra Walters as she retired, then shortly after Walters left, the show announced the departure of actress-comedian Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy. There are multiple rumors flying around regarding who might be considered, but that have been confirmed. For the record, ABC has not formally asked Palin to join the show. It appears Palin is publicly fishing for a new paycheck, and promoting herself as “Going Rogue.” Should someone that’s so willing to not follow orders be considered for such a prime time award winning show?

Palin is best known as Senator John McCain’s nominee for Vice President when McCain ran against Obama during the 2008 presidential race. Palin has kept working on her T.V. experience by appearing on Fox News, or starring in her own reality show, “Sarah Palin's Alaska.” No tweets or Facebook comments have been made by Whoopi Goldberg, one host still remaining on the show, about the idea of having Palin as a co-host. Wonder what Whoopi thinks about these recent remarks that Palin made about wanting to join The View?

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