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Sarah Palin Was Not Right

Sarah Palin- wrong again
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And thus the sun continues to rise in the east and set in the west.

In 2008, the McCain camp apparently vetted Palin for 15 minutes before choosing the uneducated woman as the ticket mate. She never stopped talking then and now she is tooting her own horn.

Her sad, tinny, little horn.

Palin, who is about to begin her sophomore gig as a realty television star is crowing that she was right about the Ukraine. Because, remember, she can see Russia from her window- not to mention suckers with money to spend, a mile away.

But let the half term Governor gloat in first person:

"Back in 2008, I accurately predicted the possibility of Putin feeling emboldened to invade Ukraine because I could see what kind of leader Barack Obama would be,” she said. “The bullies of the world are always emboldened by indecision and moral equivalence. We can expect more of this sort of thing in a world where America is gutting its military and 'leading from behind.'"

Sorry to bring actual facts into the discussion but Putin is “embolden’ to invade the area because of violent civil unrest and a disposed leader.

One could argue that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Sadly, not Sarah Palin.

Continuing on her so-called hot streak Palin weighed in on the Greg Abbott campaign this week citing an unusual criteria:

“If he (Abbott) is good enough for Ted Nugent, he is good enough for me!”

Oh Sarah: a mother who watched her under-aged daughter get pregnant should be wary of any man who loves young girls and is a statutory rapist.

And that seems to be Nugent’s best qualities.

Just saying.

When Palin actually states something which is correct, the earth will slip off its axis.

In short, if the planet is tilting, the impossible has just occurred.

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