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Sarah Palin: The Only One

Will Sarah Run?
Will Sarah Run?

Election 2012 is quickly approaching. There are a handful of candidates who are either thinking about running for the Republican Presidential Nomination or have already announced their intentions. Some of these candidates, however; are more qualified than the others. Some are conservative. Some are moderate. And some are attempting to act like conservatives when they’re really moderate. But there’s only one possible candidate that is a Real Conservative and isn’t afraid to show it: Governor Sarah Palin.

The former Alaska governor has been the only possible GOP candidate that has been out there constantly blasting President Barack Obama. She’s been standing up to him on each and every issue he has taken a wrong turn. Governor Palin constantly stands up for the American people and basically tells Obama to wake up or get out of the way. No other possible Republican candidate has done this. They instead hide behind her.

Mitt Romney cannot make up his mind on what side he’s on regarding any of the most concerning issues facing America today. Gary Johnson supports abortion and gay rights and he believes he can win over conservative voters? Michele Bachmann is apparently seeking the Republican Nomination, but she isn’t ready for President yet. Donald Trump has a few good points, but he has donated tens-of-millions of dollars to liberal candidates; including Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi. I could go on all day about the other possible contenders, but I believe you get the point.

We need someone who will not constantly flip-flop on issues, someone who doesn’t happily support the killing of innocent babies, someone who has proven their worth and is ready to serve, and someone who doesn’t give money to liberal candidates; especially those who are working toward the destruction of these United States. Sarah Palin fits all of these important qualities and more; she’s the only one who can lead our great country toward a stable, more secure future. She’s a true American Patriot.

If Sarah Palin announces that she is indeed going to seek the 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination, it will vastly change the status of the GOP field. More conservative, Republican-leaning, independent, and possibly some Democrat voters will switch over to her, making her extremely unbeatable. She cannot be broken, she doesn’t back down to anyone, and she’s the only possible candidate with the balls to stand up to the Obama Administration no matter what they or anyone else thinks of her.

A President Sarah Palin would: lead America down the road to energy independence, heal our status around the world, standing up for and with our allies, create real jobs and drastically slash spending, keep our military strong and prepared, never talk down to or criticize the American people, talk to all Americans and not just to crowds that support her, and she will always speak from the heart and not the teleprompter. President Palin would also stand up to the Liberal Media and stand up to those who seek to do Americans harm. Leaders from around the world would see a leader who stands up for the greater good and never backs down from anyone or anything. They will see a President Sarah Palin who is never to be underestimated.

President Barack Obama can be miserably defeated. In order for us to accomplish that, though, we need to nominate a candidate that will leave no grass uncut. The time is now for Americans to do the right thing and overturn the Obama Regime. Our time for healing is coming, but we require the right doctor who will bandage our wounds and not make them bigger. We require real leadership and real commitment.

Sarah Palin for America.


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