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Sarah Palin takes a shot at Eric Holder over gun ID with his own ammunition

Sarah Palin takes on  Eric Holder
Sarah Palin takes on Eric Holder
Getty Images/ Frederic Brown ( left)Mark Wilson ( left)

Stretching her marksmanship for a targeted play on words, Sarah Palin took aim at Attorney General Eric Holder's recent "buddy" comment with a "gotcha" blast of her own. On Wednesday, following the news that Holder had told Texas Representative Louie Gohmert, "You don't want to go there, buddy," Palin took to her Facebook page to address Holder in kind. She warned, "Eric, you don't want to go there, buddy."

Palin included images of her own bracelets, adding that only "when you pry them off my cold, dead wrists," would the government be able to replace her bracelets with a "government marker." Palin's black bracelets were laden with personal meaning and the glitz of Swarovski crystals -- coincidentally a big name in excruciatingly expensive rifle scopes. One bracelet was designed to honor the military, her liberty bracelet brandishes the slogan of the tea party movement, "Don't tread on me." Palin explained that the third bracelet of the trio celebrates the Bill of Rights\.

Palin and Holder are on opposite sides of an issue which has been raging since President Obama first took office. Gun rights advocates, such as Palin, have resisted all efforts by the Obama administration to restrict their gun rights by new laws or suggestions of possible restrictions. Recently Holder floated the idea that perhaps it would be possible to use high-tech tracking bracelets to restrict the firing of a gun only to the wearer and owner of the bracelet. Holder presented the idea as a "common sense" way to protect Second Amendment rights and at the same time keep the guns out of the wrong hands.

While Palin is limited to using fighting words to combat new attempts to control guns, President Obama plans on using the taxpayer wallet. He is asking for $1.1 billion and Eric Holder's Department of Justice(DOJ) has requested nearly $400 million to "protect Americans from gun violence." The Washington Beacon explains that Obama's request includes $182 million to support his "Now is the Time" gun safety initiative.

The president's initiative proposes to require strengthened background checks for all gun sales, new bans and limits on assault weapons and and ammunition rounds, as well as ending the sales of all armor-piercing bullets. In addition, the president wants to lift a freeze on gun violence research while making our schools safer with better emergency response plans plus more school counselors and officers. There is also a vague reference to "more nurturing school climates," and a stronger emphasis on "quality coverage of mental health treatment, particularly for young people."

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