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Sarah Palin's 'Alaska' debuts on TLC

Sarah Palin's 'Alaska' premieres on TLC Nov. 14.
Sarah Palin's 'Alaska' premieres on TLC Nov. 14.

Sarah Palin's reality show, Alaska, premieres Sunday night on TLC, showcasing the former vice presidential candidate in the rugged elements of her home state.

"I love this state like I love my family," Palin says in the show's opening credits. The eight-part series showcases the Tea Party favorite in a variety of outdoor activities and hanging out with her family. The show is supposedly non-political, instead focusing on America's 49th state and Palin's family.

Palin is shown hiking in the Alaskan glaciers, kayaking, teaching her children how to handle live bears, and throwing a 16th birthday party for her daughter, Willow, at her in-laws' house.

"I'd rather she be out here doing this than with her iPhone, texting her buddies, and thinking she needs to be all dolled up and going out partying," Palin says of Willow.

TLC announced Friday that the song "Follow Me There" by Christian rock band, Third Day, will be the show's theme music.

The show will air on TLC at 8 p.m. CST Sunday, Nov. 14.

Palin will be bringing her book tour for her second book, America By Heart, to Little Rock on Nov. 30 at 5:30 p.m. at Sam's Club on Bowman Rd.


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