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Sarah Palin Reveals the Real Victim of Tucson : Sarah Palin

We don't control what the crazy see, only what we say
We don't control what the crazy see, only what we say
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  • Profile picture of Marilee Vergati
    Marilee Vergati 5 years ago

    There seems to be no end to this woman's ignorance and ego. It's a bad combination. Thanks for your article.

  • Profile picture of Estebano
    Estebano 5 years ago

    Media: Palin incited murder

    Palin: No, I didn't

    Media: Stop making this all about you!

  • Profile picture of Roy Taylor
    Roy Taylor 5 years ago

    "Media: Palin incited murder"

    See, this is Palin playing the victim card.

    Media: A woman Sarah Palin targeted with gunsights got shot after haivng gone on TV and asking Palin to tone it down (she didn't.)
    Palin: Why are you all accusing me of killing everyone?! Blood libel!?
    Media: You aren't the victim here Sarah, care to respond anywhere other than Facebook or Fox News? No...o.k. Please go away.

  • Tabula rasta 5 years ago

    Reagan planted the seeds of anti-government, anti taxation & he began the evisceration of the labor unions.
    Ray-Gun not only tripled the debt & used the Soc.Sec. Trust Fund as his personal slush fund to help his administration cook the books.

    Ray-Gun's Star Wars Defense Initiative was the biggest & most expensive SNAFU in the history of the U.S.A.. & it's made us less safe. But probably the biggest damage that the demented GOP icon did, was when he released all of the mental patients to fend for themselves & he closed all of the mental hospitals.

    Jared Loughner pulled the trigger of his Glock 9mm, but Ru$h Limbaugh & his cadre of conservative clones on HATE radio, & the hate mongering bigots of the clusterFOX "Noise" Network were the cretins who aimed that lethal weapon @ the Jewess Gabby Giffords, & the activist Judge John Roll & 9 yr. old Christine Green, et cetera, etc., etc..

    You can accuse others to excuse your own guilt, in your own mind, but you ain't fooling anybody. There is a special place in hell for the likes of people

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