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Sarah Palin reveals she was offered a cameo on 'True Blood' but turned it down

Sarah Palin was almost on 'True Blood'
Sarah Palin was almost on 'True Blood'
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to a Tuesday story on Breitbart’s “Big Hollywood” Sarah Palin revealed that she was offered a cameo role on the HBO vampire series “True Blood.” She turned the offer down. Considering the controversy surrounding the most recent episode in which a Ted Cruz gala at the George W. Bush Presidential Library is turned into a blood bath and one major character uses profanity to refer to Republican women, Palin expressed relief that she had made the right decision from her point of view.

"’The brilliant minds of 'True Blood' were brazen enough to ask me to do a cameo on their show, apparently so they could insult a conservative woman in person instead of just all conservative women in general,’ Palin told Breitbart News. ‘Their offer wasn’t presented in any negative way, perhaps to benefit from a surprise factor after the guest appearance. I turned them down anyway.’”

Palin, a former governor of Alaska and former vice presidential candidate, is a very familiar face on TV. She has had two television shows, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” on the Learning Channel and “Sarah Palin’s Amazing America” on the Sportsman’s Channel. She is a frequent political and social commentator on the Fox News Network.

On occasion, Palin has not been depicted on television with kindness or respect. HBO also produced and aired a movie called “Game Change” which was set during the 2008 presidential campaign. It depicted Palin in a less than flattering light and many pointed out that it contained a number of distortions of historical fact. Breitbart listed what it considered the “Top Ten Lies” that were told during the TV movie. “Game Change” was produced at a time when it was thought that Palin might run for president and the suspicion was that it was meant to forestall that candidacy by depicting the former governor as a psychobimbo.

It therefore causes one to question what the producers were thinking when they offered Palin a role in “True Blood.” It is a series that depicts sex and violence in a frank manner that would prove off putting for Palin, a devout Christian, in any case. It’s depiction of conservatives and some people of faith would tend to make Palin, who is both types of person, not very inclined to participate,