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Sarah Palin in new political childrens book

Sarah Palin is featured in the new book “Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country!” along with other politicians like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.
Sarah Palin is featured in the new book “Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country!” along with other politicians like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.
Courtesy of Katharine DeBrecht

Sarah Palin is no stranger to political limelight. A new political childrens book, "Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country!"by author Katharine DeBrecht, now has a new heroine character: Sarah Palin. DeBrecht is also author of the bestselling book, Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!.

DeBrecht is an out-spoken critic of the liberal agenda pushed in schools, the destructive effects of Hollywood on American culture, the attack on the American family and religion and the double-standard placed on conservatives.

In DeBrecht's newest book, she shows "Governor Sarah" (a character based on Palin) attempting to help two young boys hold onto their dream of a swing-set business which is struggling as a result of high taxes, heavy regulations and 246 czars. The "Governor Sarah" character comforts the frustrated boys after their business is destroyed by "Marxus Obunduf" who is based on President Obama.

When asked about using Palin, DeBrecht answered, "I used Palin because I wanted to point out that there is nothing wrong with standing up for your values regardless of who attacks you," DeBrecht told "The book also shows that "Marxus" and his radicals are basically killing the American Dream in their grab for power. I want to tell kids that they can achieve their dreams by working hard and not relying on the government to help them." She also tells, "I am trying to let all Americans know that these radicals are killing the American Dream and I want to stop them from hurting people that produce products and provide jobs,"

Among Palin and Obama are also cartoon characters based on Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.

Click here to order your copy or here to review a few pages.

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  • Jorge 5 years ago

    Only in America can someone like Sarah Palin have a children's book made of her. How sad... I plan on making sure my daughter doesn't even come close to this book. I'd rather she learn FACTS such as math or evolution, as opposed to fantasy like "Republicans are on the side of hard-working Americans."

  • Beth Anne 5 years ago

    Are you kidding me...Jorge? Only in American can someone write freely their opinions and a book regarding their political views. I encourage my child to read up on any political debate or figure to form legitimate opinions. Of course, I'm Republican and I not only support hard-working Americans, I'm one of those crazy Republicans that also supports working for what you get rather than the all mighty handout option the majority of the Democrats take. Call me silly, but I think you should be a citizen of the U.S., a working class citizen, a citizen who has worked a minimum amount of time AND paid taxes, a drug-free citizen, and a felon-free citizen in order to get a handout in a time of need. I also think it should be limited to how long one would receive such benefits. Unlike the Democrats who stand in line for years wanting something for nothing....just saying.

  • LOL 5 years ago

    By the way - evolution isn't a fact, it's a theory....

  • Colorado2993 5 years ago

    The reason evolution is a not a fact is because it is almost impossible to observe in real time. Besides that, it's general considered to be fact, and is supported by a variety of scientific (and undesputed) evidence.

  • Dear Colorado: 5 years ago

    If evolution cannot be observed, it cannot be proven; thus being a theory as it is called: The THEORY of Evolution. However, this piece is political, perhaps you should stay on point.