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Sarah Palin: It's OK for Rush Limbaugh to say 'retard,' but 'Family Guy' is on her hit list [VIDEO]



  • Hunteroftruth 5 years ago

    Liberals a idiots.

  • Liberal retards 5 years ago

    So, one was aimed directly at her and the other was a response not aimed directly at her and there is no difference in the liberal mind?

  • walrus 5 years ago

    Sarah chose partisanship over her morals, that makes her a retard.

  • Hunterofproofreading 5 years ago

    I a idiot.

  • bah 5 years ago

    Search for Rush Limbaugh Retards Comments and Read the transcript.

    So what is more offensive? Rush or the writers for Family Guy?

  • Rush Limbaugh Retards 5 years ago

    @Bah: You hit the nail on the head.

  • EPIC BEARD MAN 5 years ago

    LIEberal libtards are retarded. They couldn't even shine my Stacy Adams.

  • Paul Kersey 5 years ago

    We simply can't forget Rahm Emanuel's idiocy in all this. He is the one who started the whole discussion.

  • Tm 5 years ago

    its ok for the rethugs to use retard but not the dems. Seth is a dem.

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