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Sarah Palin is Dangerous and Does NOT Speak for Christians

Let me be clear--I don't take Sarah Palin seriously. But that's not the point. We live in a nation where many people, institutions, industries and media outlets do take her seriously, if only because she can gin up excitement and support for their dangerous and harmful policies and rhetoric.

When Sarah Palin abuses the central symbols of Christianity (as in, "Waterboarding is our way of baptizing the terrorists") to stir up a crowd all too happy to applaud violence (as at the NRA convention this past weekend), I ask myself--how is her rhetoric any different than any terrorist spokesperson who abuses religious symbols to support violence? It isn't. Sarah Palin is horrifically offensive to the central tenets and symbols of Christianity and horrifically harmful to human interaction on national, international, and interreligious levels. She needs to be called on it and she needs to be called on it by Christians.

So let me begin:

Don't abuse baptism that way! Don't abuse religion that way! Defend your indefensible positions some other way, preferably down in a mud hole where they--not you--belong. You belong, like all of God's children do, in a world where God's children work for peace and understanding. I hope you join us there someday."

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