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Sarah Palin fires up CPAC, reading Ted Cruz's favorite book 'Green Eggs and Ham'

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Who knew that Sarah Palin does love to read, and that she proved it to the American people once and for all Saturday evening, as she delivered the final address the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

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Katie Couric couldn't pin her down in her famous 2008 interview, when Palin couldn't name even one thing she had read. Couric conducted her award-winning interviews for CBS Evening News of the 2008 Republican U.S. Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. Palin objected loudly to the trick questions posed to her during the interviews by Couric.

COURIC: And when it comes to establishing your world view, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this — to stay informed and to understand the world?

PALIN: I’ve read most of them again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media, coming f—

COURIC: But like which ones specifically? I’m curious that you—

PALIN: Um, all of 'em, any of 'em that, um, have, have been in front of me over all these years. Um, I have a va—

COURIC: Can you name a few?

PALIN: I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news too. Alaska isn't a foreign country, where, it's kind of suggested and it seems like, 'Wow, how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, D.C. may be thinking and doing when you live up there in Alaska?' Believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of America.

The interview was very clumsy and Palin was much too modest.

She reads, we now know.

Sarah Palin gave the final speech at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and read from the children's classic, "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss. Palin changed the words a bit in the Dr. Seuss book, presumably to make it easier for the CPAC crowd to understand. Here's what she said:

I do not like this Uncle Sam

I do not like his health care scam

I do not like these dirty crooks or

How they lie and cook the books.

I do not like when Congress steals

I do not like their crony deals

I do not like this spying man

I do not like ‘Oh yes we can

I do not like this spending spree,

We’re smart, we know there’s nothing free

I do not like reporter’s smug replies

When I complain about their lies

I do not like this kind of hope, and

We wont’ take it nope, nope, nope

The CPAC crowd cheered and loved it, urging Palin to run for President of the United States. "Run, Sarah, Run," was the cheer. After all, she can read.

That is same book, "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss, that U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) read in October of 2013 in his famous filibuster, that wasn't really a filibuster, that went on for hours.

The difference is that Ted Cruz liked the words of the book and read it straight.

If Couric had another opportunity to interview Palin she might have asked if she knew that Dr. Seuss was known by another name: Theodor Seuss Geisel.

That would have been a real trick question and maybe unfair.

Palin, of course, would have objected and accused Couric of being a "communist." The answer would have been close, since "Dr. Seuss" was an avowed New Deal Democrat, who greatly admired President Franklin Roosevelt. His political views were "progressive" and "liberal." In his early days "Dr. Seuss" drew political cartoons that showed a passionate opposition to fascism and right-wing politics.

His cartoons portrayed that the fear of communism as vastly overstated, finding greater internal threats such as the House Un-American Activities Committee. No doubt, Dr. Seuss would today being drawing cartoons of the great internal threat: Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.




CNN - Palin fires up CPAC


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