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Sarah Palin: Every American should feel outrage at VA scandal

Sarah Palin speaks at graduation ceremony in Alabama on May 21, 2014
Sarah Palin speaks at graduation ceremony in Alabama on May 21, 2014
T.J. Kirkpatrick/ Getty images

Sarah Palin, former U.S. vice-presidential candidate and former Alaska governor, took to Facebook on Monday to comment on the Veterans Affairs controversy. Palin’s comments were part of her Memorial Day message. Palin stated that every American should feel outrage at what has happened to the nation’s veterans affected by the Veterans Affairs hospital scandal, according to Politico on Monday.

Palin asserted that every American should feel outrage at any injustice done to our veterans seeking what was promised them when they volunteered to defend the homeland. Continuing, she said that those persons are owed the health care they have already paid for, and she told her Facebook readers and followers to be determined to right the wrongs our vets face today. She is just one of many political-types who are personally outraged at that VA scandal’s revelations.

The former Alaska governor made direct reference to Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan in her statement. She said blatantly said that while Americans should enjoy the long weekend, they should also remember the soldiers who are more than just names on gravestones in national cemeteries and battlefields. President Lincoln, stated Palin, knew our military heroes as those who gave the last full measure of devotion for our freedom. She also wrote that we should continue Lincoln’s legacy of respect and always keep faith with our veterans as they, more than any, deserve our country’s unending respect and gratitude.

Sarah Palin’s Facebook page has 4.2 million likes and followers. The posts on her page are usually of a political nature. Besides a couple of Memorial Day-related writings and photos on her page, Palin has written recently about the Marine who is being held in Mexico as well as on other issues.

Palin is still making public appearances with her political speak. Last Wednesday, she gave the keynote speech at a graduation ceremony in Alabama, according to MSNBC. She spoke at New Hope High School near Huntsville.