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Sarah Palin endorses Rita Meyer, gubernatorial candidate that flip flopped on Obama-Care



  • Louisiana Sixgunner 5 years ago

    Thanks Mrs Palin for interfering in Wyoming politics. Seems like the GOP here in Wyoming is so scared of Ron Micheli's zero based budgeting and strict interpretation of OUR (not yours Mrs Palin) state CONSTITUTION'S guarantee of our right to bear arms, that they brought you in as a last ditch effort to revive Meyer's campaign that was running out of steam. So thanks again Mrs Palin for coming and trying to change OUR state. Go back to Alaska and leave us alone!

  • Steve 5 years ago

    I am a Republican. Sarah Palin and her ilk have made a laughingstock out of the party. Where are all the sane Republicans? This woman is a complete idiot. I will not vote for anyone she endorses.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    Palin should go back to Alaska and mind her own business.

  • Pat 5 years ago

    I love all these Republican candidates who don't know what there doing, don't know what there saying and why. Democratic leaders must love when Sarah Palin opens her mouth to endorse someone. It means another idiot on the ballot that can be ruled out!

  • Henry1776 5 years ago

    Not to stand up for Palin, I want to comment on the fact that everybody says Rita flip-flopped on the Obama Care law suit. Sorry to tell all of you but her stance has not changed. Our group talked with her at the last session and her stance is the same. She would like to see what kind of financial mess it will be for the residents of this great state before she commits to anything. If it is going to bankrupt the state to try to sue the fed, there are other ways to handling this. These candidates that say they are going to do this or that before they know what all it will require are just plain ignorant! That could be a good reason why these candidates make promises they cannot keep. You all might want to take a closer look into Micheli before you go throwing your vote away on him. As I recall he stated he would only fight the federal government as long as it would not put the federal funding of this state in jepordy. As well, he stated he would pick our battles one at a time.

  • Stephen 5 years ago

    I have done my research and visited with each canidate concerning empoyee gun rights or parking lot legislation and there is no doubt that Rita Meyer is the best canidate for the wyoming gun owners and sportsman in wyoming. She will not let us down, and she is not a lawyer. She has my vote.

  • Stephen 5 years ago

    Everyone that thinks Sarah Palin should go back to Alaska maybe should ask the writer of this artical to back out of Wyoming politic and go back to his home state and stay out of Wyomings' Bussiness. What is good for the gander should be good for the goose

  • Lousiana Sixgunner 5 years ago

    Hey Stephen I don't see Mr. Bouchard trying to come here and change Wyoming. Sarah Palin on the other hand didn't consult with any of the grassroots organizations or tea parties in this state before making this endorsement. Plus her endorsement of John McCain over JD Hayworth in Arizona speaks for itself. Sounds like Sarah Palin has agenda to me, interfering in states that she knows nothing about. Also Rita Meyer was not able to get endorsements from several grassroots organizations in this state due to her compromising stance on the sanctity of life. With the unconstitutional legislation being forced on us by Washington, we can't afford to have someone as governor that compromises. Even some of her own campaign staff have dropped out of her campaign due to her recent compromise on the sanctity of life. Maybe Sarah should consult with people in the states she interferes with before making a decision. Otherwise her actions show that this was politically motivated.

  • Henry1776 5 years ago

    Lousiana Sixgunner: I am not sure what you have heard but, our orginization here in Big Piney Wy. has been talking with Rita since the last session though I have not talked with her in the last few weeks. I know her stance on the sanctity of life as far as abortion. She is strictly against abortion Unless, the child will kill the mother during the pregnancy or during child birth. We have discussed this in length with her in the last 2 months. I do not know where you are getting your information, but you may want to check the source. Besides, we can always go with a governor who will sell us down the river at the first sign of our federal funding being cancelled due to us creating a fuss over federal legislation (Micheli). In my personal opinion, and I do have some time under my belt doing research on these issues here, Rita will stand up for the citizens of this great country of Wyoming. She has the courage to stand up against the federal government. Thank you for your time.

  • Louisiana Sixgunner 5 years ago

    You and all of your 20 followers should have asked Rita about her stance on abortion before she found out which way the political winds were blowing. Several months ago while here in Sheridan when asked about abortion, she couldn't seem to figure out what she believed. Seems like you're just a mouthpiece for the Rita Meyer campaign. Why don't you just go ahead and sign up to work for directly for her.

  • kristynwy 5 years ago

    Rita has been famous for jumping on the coattails of the rest of the candidates when she snaps out of her indecisiveness and flops to "popular opinion" on the issues rather than being consistent from the get go. I am actively involved in activism in my community as well and have encountered frustrated county leads who were ready to publicly denounce her after watching her flip flop on abortion and how she answered the WyWatch survey. Not sure where you are getting your information, but the facts speak for itself!

  • Kerston 5 years ago

    Henry1776. Wouldn't suing the Fed be a matter for the AG anyway? Please forgive me if I am ingorant. It seems to me that is who at the very least she would be consulting with and I think the AG would make that decision.

  • amerifox 5 years ago

    I believe that the recorded videos of Rita Meyer speak quit loudly. She will do NOTHING to prevent Obama care and she will not join forces with other states attempting to limit big government. Her question in Gillette or was it Cheyenne where she asked; "...why do we need HB95..." says all that needs to be said about her understanding of "States Rights". So for you super 10 from Big Piney, I ask you where and when was the public invited that she said other then what is stated by WYGO or by myself. Publish your recordings like many of Rita's speechs condeming her have already been published on UTUBE.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Palin is a neocon...

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