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Sarah Palin debuts 'The Sarah Palin Channel'

Sarah Palin expands her media empire
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, former vice presidential candidate, and currently the most powerful female politician on the planet announced Monday that she has decided to expand her media empire by creating the Sarah Palin Channel, an online video channel that will contain content by, for, and about Palin. The channel will contain everything from political commentary to the latest adventures of the Palin family in the Alaska outdoors, similar to “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” The cost to subscribe to the channel is $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year.

The Sarah Palin Channel is being created by a company called TAPP, which has created a number of similar channels designed to connect well know celebrities with their fans. The concept is not just envisioned for politicians, but for media and sports personalities as well. As Hot Air notes, there are not a lot of politicians who have such a dedicated fan base as Palin.

The content may sooner or later find itself to free media such as YouTube or Facebook. Subscribers, besides getting a first look at the videos, will be joining a community of Palin fandom, with the ability to post comments and participate in discussions. The Sarah Palin Channel is therefore not so much selling content as it is a sense of togetherness which tends to be conservative, religious, and high suspicious of the mainstream media.

The channel has been compared to Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, which has a subscription based online radio show, and the websites created by the late Andrew Breitbart, which has a great deal of video content but is free to view. But both the Blaze and Breitbart has a great deal of written content as well. There is no word as of yet whether the Sarah Palin Channel will follow suit and hire conservative writers to write news and commentary.

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