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Sarah Palin bans press coverage of her one-woman show here. Good for her!



  • danny mitchell 6 years ago

    maybe she is doing lap dances.....

  • Lilly 6 years ago

    Are you sure it is SARAH who is closing her visit to the media, or the group who invited her to this venue? See, the media are rude, pushy and out-of-control at Palin events and must be given boundaries so the people who shell out the bucks to see and hear Palin can actually see and hear Palin. Besides, she will get coverage anyway as you have already given her coverage by saying she will not be covered. Ouch.

  • Lloyd H Weston 6 years ago

    Thanx for writing, Lilly. I did cover SARAH at a campaign stop in Greenbay, WI, in '08. And, you are right. The audience at these things tends to be a better show than she is. To be honest, I was very disappointed in not getting press creds for the Rosemont event. I hand planned to attend the show... tell my readers I was there... and than not write a thing about it. SARAH saved me the trouble.

  • TEX 6 years ago

    Hey Libs,

    You can't stop writing about SarahCuda.
    She's inside your heads,driving you nuts.

    Go Sarah!
    Make Libs heads explode!!!

  • TEX 6 years ago


    How many people would come to see Hillary, Nancy Pelosi
    or any other politician(except Obama)?
    You think they could fill a restaurant?

    How many people can you get at Rosemont Theatre?
    Just curious.

  • enneagram Examiner 6 years ago

    Eh, I think we don't need Sarah in Chicago. We have our President who comes here from time to time! :-)

  • Lloyd H Weston 6 years ago

    Hey, Tex... Thanx for being a fan. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? Who cares? The only "how many?" that really counts is how many voters a candidate gets to come to the polls on election day.

    FYI: If Sara Palin does run in the GOP presidential primary. I not only will vote for her, I will work on her campaign. With Sarah Palin as his opponent, Obama has a 100% chance of getting re-elected.

  • TEX 6 years ago


    With your attitude you might as well vote for Obama.

    Or,are you hoping for Mitt Romney,
    Mr liberal-moderate,flip-flop RINO fraud?

  • Larry Linn 6 years ago

    She thinks that she is in touch with the common citizen, if they are white.

  • Ike 6 years ago

    Just wondering if we will EVER see the day when old Sarah takes questions that have not been pre screened?

  • RSBL 6 years ago

    Sarah Palin is about as genuine as Oblama and Bush. Nuff said.

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