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Sarah Palin applies to become a lady of 'The View' -- maybe

Sarah Palin
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In a Monday interview in the Hollywood Reporter, former Gov. Sarah Palin discussed a wide range of topics, from Hillary Clinton’s book to her own reality show, “Sarah Palin’s Amazing America,” which has proven to be a success on the Sportsman Channel. Palin, who has been campaigning for various political candidates whom she favors during the current campaign season, has been rather busy. But she has not been too busy to hint that she might be open to other work, say at a certain political talk show.

“Maybe. But the politics would have to be interspersed with a whole lot of fun and real life and inspiration showcasing American work ethic, because those topics are all pretty much the antithesis of today's politics, which I find incorrigibly disastrous! It'd be so much fun to shake it up taking on issues that make audiences objectively consider all sides, and I'd do it with my own real-life groundedness, candor and commonsense that I'm known for. Media needs that today, versus the condescension that oozes from TV and radio. I hear everyone recently got canned from The View, maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America's heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue.“

One can only imagine whom Ms. Palin is referring to. As she mentioned, there has been a kind of night of the long knives at “The View” with only Whoopi Goldberg remaining. How serious Palin is in applying for one of the open spots remains to be seen. Hot Air finds the idea of Palin being one of the ladies of “The View” interesting, if only because Palin and Goldberg would be in the same studio interacting.

The theory is that Palin would fix a lot of problems that "The View" has been experiencing, especially with the departure of Barbara Walters. The panel would be more ideologically diverse. More conservatives would tune in to watch and more liberals would tune in to hate watch.

The question remains how the show would be formatted. Would it be three liberal women against Palin or would she get a conservative partner to make it two against two? Who would be the other two panelists?

Some other questions arise about how this would affect Palin’s on again off again on again relationship with Fox News. It is possible that some executive may find this proposal no more than a hint that Palin wants some more airtime, say on FNC’s own female panel show, “Outnumbered.” Palin’s media appearances have been that of being someone interviewed for her thoughts on the issues of the day. She has not generally appeared in a political panel free for all. That alone would cause many people to watch to see how she would do.

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