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Sarah Palin - A hypocrite caught red-handed

President Reagan gives the State of the Union Address to Congress, 1988. Teleprompter at left.
President Reagan gives the State of the Union Address to Congress, 1988. Teleprompter at left.

Just a day after Sarah Plain mocked President Obama for using a teleprompter, she was caught red-handed with written notes on her hand. There is nothing wrong in writing down a few points – unless, of course, it is an exam. But this seemingly simple issue becomes a major story, not because President Obama uses a teleprompter, but because Sarah Plain denounces using teleprompters as deceitful.

President Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast. VP Biden reflected in the teleprompter at right.
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

A simple fact check indicates that every President since Harry Truman has used teleprompters. Sarah Palin invoked former President Ronald Reagan several times in her speech. President Reagan, the great communicator, regularly used a teleprompter. While President Reagan was very comfortable and at ease using teleprompters, George W. Bush was awkward. He preferred large index cards. Another President who liked using index cards was Nixon. Teleprompters were originally developed to assist TV performers. Teleprompters help avoid using incorrect words or conveying inaccurate messages during major events. In fact, Sarah Plain has used a teleprompter in several occasions including the Republican Convention in 2008, where she delivered her first acceptance speech for the VP candidacy.

It’s okay for Sara Palin to use a teleprompter. It was okay for Bush and Reagan to use one. But when President Obama uses a teleprompter, Palin is out right mean about it. This is hypocrisy – cheap politics. The simple truth that Palin seems to be missing is that teleprompters do not write speeches. A teleprompter is a modern tool. It is also perfectly acceptable to write speeches on index cards, or, on the palm of her hands, as Palin prefers.

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