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Sarah Mlynowski's 'Whatever After' series shares hijinks in classic fairy tales.

Which fairy tale do you love?  Want to know how Abby and her brother mess it up and then need to save the day?  Sarah Mlynowski's books will help you to see your favorite fairy tale from a different perspective.

Sarah Mlynowski’s “Whatever After” series is sure to delight tweens and teens with these updated and adventurous fairy tales.

It all starts with a mirror in the basement of Abby’s home.

Whatever After #1: Fairest of All

When the mirror in Abby’s basement eats her and her brother up, they are magically transported into Snow White’s fairy tale. They do good by stopping Snow White from eating the poisoned apple, but it changes the story. If Snow White doesn’t die, she doesn’t get to meet her prince. Now, they have to make sure they don’t get poisoned, they sneak into the castle and they fix Snow White’s story. Oh, and they have to get back home, too!

Whatever After #2: If the Shoe Fits

Magic mirror in the basement sweeps Abby and Jonah into Cinderella’s fairy tale. Having learned their lesson from the previous adventure, they promise not to mess this one up. Oh…but one thing…Cinderella ends up breaking her foot, and it starts to swell, so there is no way the glass slipper is going to fit. Ack! How will the prince know she is the one for him now? How can this brother and sister duo make sure that true love finds its way?

Whatever After #3: Sink or Swim

Whew! This mirror slurping children in for new adventures in classic fairy tales is a bit much for Abby and her brother, Jonah, but there’s nothing like being a fish out of water … or two siblings living in an underwater world. When they accidentally mess up the Little Mermaid’s story, they really have to work out how to make her happy ending come true. Can they do it?

Whatever After #4: Dream On

The secret of the mirror is fine for Abby and Jonah to keep to themselves, but when Abby has her cool friend Robin stay over…and she has a secret of her own that she’s keeping…well, that mirror just loves secrets! Instead of Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger on the spindle, it’s Robin! Now that Robin is fast asleep and Sleeping Beauty is wide awake, Abby almost has her work cut out for her. Most of all she has to avoid getting cursed (or found out) by the scary fairies. Oh, she also needs to find a prince to wake up Robin. (Spoiler alert: The twist in who they prince is will make readers giggle.)

How will Abby get them all back in time? Will she be able to do it before Robin’s mom comes to pick her up from the sleepover?

Whatever After #5: Bad Hair Day

If anyone is going to have a bad hair day, it’s definitely Rapunzel. This time when the mirror sucks Abby and Jonah into the fairy tale, they truly get this tale tangled. Now they must set things straight! With quick thinking and a bit of magic, can these two turn a bad day around? For Rapunzel’s sake, let’s hope so.

Whatever After #6...Forthcoming

Sarah shares on her blog that a Whatever After #6 is forthcoming. While we don't know how they mess the fairy tale up, we do know that it involves the story of Beauty and the Beast. Can't wait to see how the mirror sucks them, what happens, and how they solve that caper.


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