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Sarah Miles says Hear Me Out

Sarah Miles' Hear Me Out
Sarah Miles' Hear Me Out
Nick Glimenakis

Singer/songwriter Sarah Miles is gearing up for the July 22 release of her latest EP Hear Me Out, which was funded by her fans through a Kickstarter campaign.

"For the last year now my producer Brian and I have been writing a bunch because we clicked really well when it came to writing. I was actually trying to write a song a week. Once we had a good collection of songs together we started working on my EP, which was really cool. It was very organic the way it all came together. I did it one-hundred percent independently. I started the Kickstarter campaign in May, which was really successful. Now I'm kind of just finishing up things with the album so I can put it into production for manufacturing so it will be on it's way which I'm very excited about," Miles explained.

She says she tried the Kickstarter campaign because she had never tried one before but had seen a lot of her musician friends do them with success, "I just thought that it might be a really cool experience and I loved the fact that it would be truly fan funded where they could be involved in the process. I had a really great response."

Miles says that she would definitely try the experience again although not too soon since there was a lot more work going into the process than she had realized.

She says that the EP's title track "Hear Me Out" is the song that she is most excited to get out and perform and promote because, "It was one of those songs that just kind of came out of me in a half an hour and I was feeling a little bit down about the music and the industry in general. Every once in awhile I have my moments where I'm going should I be doing this? So this song just kind of came where I'm going hear me out, I'm not sure if I want to sing if there's nobody there to hear me out. It's definitely a very personal song and I feel like it's relatable for anyone and anything really that you're going through so it doesn't necessarily have to be about music."

Currently, Miles doesn't have any shows booked yet but is planning on a EP release show later this summer.

As the year moves on, she says that she definitely wants to get out and play more shows once the EP is out and she will also be playing a bunch more college shows, which is something she has been doing over the past year. She will be traveling up and down the East Coast playing to students and pushing the EP.

Last year, Miles had talked about wanting to work on getting more movie and tv placements for her music and that is something that she is still trying to pursue, "Yeah I am definitely open to all of that and I'm also getting more into songwriting in general where I have the opportunity to write with and for other people. It's really cool. I love working with other people. That's definitely something that I've been pursuing more of and of course the licensing thing would be awesome too. I'm just trying to soak up as much as I can."

She says she just really wants to work her hardest to get her music out there and just get new people to listen to it. She loves hearing fan responses to what they are hearing and is very active on her social media sites, "It's just awesome to hear their thoughts on every song which encourages me to keep working harder and just gives me the encouragement to keep going."

When asked what a typical day for her is like she shared, "I get up and I work out and have my coffee and get my phone. Then I usually check my emails and do some writing and I'm actually a part-time nanny so I spend most of the day doing that. Then I try to go out to as many shows as I can in the evenings and just meet other musicians and network as much as I can."

Finally, Miles had some words for all of the fans who donated to her Kickstarter campaign, "Just thank you from the bottom of my heart. I literally would not have been able to do it without you! I feel like these songs are the best set of ones that I have written so far so I'm super, super happy that I got the chance to record them. I excited for all of you who helped me with that to get to hear them."


August 3rd - Musikfest - Bethlehem Pennsylvania
August 17 - The Bluebird Cafe - Nashville, TN
December 3 - University of New Hampshire - Durham, NH
December 5 - Castleton State College - Castleton, VT

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