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Sarah Kaufman wants Jessica Eye to admit she didn't deserve UFC 166 victory

According to a Nov. 21 post from SarahKaufman.Ca, UFC bantamweight contender Sarah Kaufman would like the opportunity to fight Jessica "Evil" Eye once more inside the UFC's world-famous Octagon.

Sarah Kaufman wants Jessica Eye to admit she didn't deserve to taste victory at UFC 166
Photo by Eric Holden

Kaufman, 28, still has a bitter taste in her mouth from the split-decision loss that was handed down at UFC 166, and she would love the chance for a rematch against the Ohio native.

"Any honourable fighter would admit they didn’t deserve that decision and would insist on an immediate rematch. The question is: is Jessica Eye that honourable?" Kaufman said.

On the UFC 166 preliminary card, Eye earned a split-decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) win over Kaufman in what was the UFC debut for both ladies.

Eye believes the victory was rightfully hers, but Kaufman thinks otherwise.

"Between rd 2 and 3 Jessica looked tired and unsure. I got the better of her rd 2 and I was way fresher than she was. In fact I was too fresh," Kaufman said. "Rd 3 started with me smashing Jessica and ended the same. I threw more and landed more than double the shots. I had her rocked on multiple occasions and when I went to finish her she managed to glom onto me and try and ride it out.

"We broke apart and I hit her some more. At the final bell I was feeling awesome, my corner was ecstatic, and the crowd was electric. It was an amazing moment, ruined when the judges’ decisions was announced: a split decision win for Jessica. Before the announcement she knew she had lost, I knew I’d won, yet I was at the judges mercy."

Kaufman says the crowd on hand for UFC 166 was on her side, and that they believe she should have won.

"The crowd was non-too-happy and they voiced it by booing…a lot. I went into the back and was doing some interviews when I heard that the reason I lost was 1 judge scored the 3rd rd for Jessica," Kaufman said. "The round where she was nearly KO’d and was hit with over double the shots that she was able to land. The round that she herself admitted in an interview she got her ass kicked in. The round that a class of 4th graders, without any MMA knowledge, would unanimously give to me. That is the round that cost me my earned Win in the UFC."

Eye, 27, is a classy fighter who generally tries to avoid getting wrapped up in any post-fight trash talk. However, one would guess that she will not be too happy to hear about Kaufman still complaining about decision handed down at UFC 166.

If there's any positive that will come of the situation, it's that Kaufman vs Eye could become the UFC's next great female rivalry.

Competitive heat and rivalries are actually good for the sport, as it gets the casual fan interested in the storyline behind a fight. The rivalry formula was successful for Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate, so the UFC is unlikely to shy away from such reality show-esque drama.

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