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Sarah Hyland was groped by fan in Sydney, Australia

Sarah Hyland of Modern Family

Sarah Hyland, 23,. the star of “Modern Family,” was allegedly groped by a man on Thursday evening in Sydney, Australia. Actress Sarah Hyland was at an event when a man asked her to pose for a photo. She reportedly left quickly, nearly in tears, after pushing a 29-year-old man away from her as she shouted, “Don’t touch me there!” According to a Chicago Tribune report on Friday, the man indecently groped her chest.

The man was then arrested at the location of the incident. The report asserted that the man was charged with assault with an act of indecency. New South Wales police have said that he is out on bail and ordered to appear in court on March 14.

The cast of the popular television show are in Australia to shoot scenes for a holiday episode of the show. They have been there since Tuesday of this week and will remain there until sometime next week.

Hyland took to social media website Twitter to explain and to apologize for leaving the fan event so abruptly. She messaged,

Sorry to all the fans outside the #quantas event that I didn’t get to say hi to but I had to leave due to an inappropriate touch of a fan.

Matt Prokop, her boyfriend, messaged:

To the --- who assaulted Sarah tonight I hope to God you don’t see next week. All Sarah wanted to do tonight was say hi to the girls who were waiting outside one douche can ruin it for everyone. Goodnight.

Hyland’s understandably angry boyfriend is traveling with her.

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