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Sarah Harkins: Wasp stings kill pregnant mom of four

A pregnant Virginia mother of four kids is dead. Sarah Harkins died suddenly Monday after enduring a number of wasp stings in her backyard. Doctors said after the insect bites, Harkins suffered an allergic reaction and a brain event that eventually led to her death. Now, family and friends are trying to make sense of Sarah's untimely death, citing an August 1 NBC News report.

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Sarah Harkins was outside her Spotsylvania County home Sunday when she came under attack by a swarm of wasps. Family members came to her aid, and she was raced to a local hospital for treatment of a number of stings on her body.

After being stung by wasps, Sarah fell unconscious. Doctors later found evidence that she had an aneurysm that eventually burst. Sadly, the pregnant mom and her baby died as a result of the traumatic event.

Harkins, 32, was a beloved resident of the community, a loving wife, and mother. She home-schooled her children, and loved arts and crafts. Sarah also was a devout Christian, who made rosary beads by hand and handed them out freely. Now, her family has to find a way to go on.

She poured her heart into them. Her whole life was her family, her husband and her children. It's something that you really never prepare for, and we're doing our best to hold up," said her brother Tom Schulzetenberg, who managed to face reporters and talk about his sister.

Thankfully, Sarah's family, the community, and strangers from all across the world sent donations to help with the family Harkins left behind.

A crowd-funding effort was set up in honor of Sarah Harkins, and almost immediately, the funds started rolling in after news broke of her death by wasp stings. As of this writing, sources say over $100,000 has been raised for final expenses and to help the woman's husband, Eric, raise the children.

Wasp stings are common, especially during the summer months when the insects are most active. Injuries can be minor, and result in nothing more than swelling and injury at the site.

However, according to eMedicineHealth, some people have allergies to the venom and experience allergic reactions, which include a host of things like vomiting, dizziness, body rashes, and more. In rare cases, wasp stings like the ones Sarah Harkins experienced can result in death. Unfortunately, many find out when it's too late. Therefore, doctors suggest allergy testing.

She would have turned 33 this past Saturday.

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