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Sarah Goode's disappearance described as 'suspicious'

"Suspi cious" is the term being used to describe the disappearance of 21-year-old Sarah Goode, of Medford, NY. Her sister reported her missing on June 8, after two days of no contact between Sarah and her family. Sarah's car, a 1999 BMW 328i, was located on Sunday, again saying the circumstances are suspicious and it is being "safeguarded by police." Does that mean the location is out of the ordinary, like some place she shouldn't have been, or were the items found in the car the cause of suspicion?

Where is 21-year-old Sarah Goode?
Photo courtesy of Sarah Goode's Facebook page

Very little information has been made public at this time. Reports say she is a medical technician with a 4-year-old daughter, but other that that, what kind of lifestyle did she lead? What kind of people did she hang around with? Was she depressed? Those are just a few of the questions that come to mind when a person goes missing. Answers to these and other questions may be helpful in determining what could have happened.

Police are currently using search dogs to look through wooded areas in Medford. Could this mean they believe Sarah is already dead? And, if so, what could be the cause? Without additional information, it would be irresponsible to speculate on what could have become of the young woman. At present time, there is no information indicating either way.

Sarah Goode is petite, standing 5'3" tall and weighing roughly 100 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and also a tattoo of a flower on her foot. Anyone with information about Sarah or her whereabouts is asked to contact the Sixth Squad at 631-854-8652 or Crime Stoppers 800-220-TIPS.

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