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Sarah Geronimo told Matteo Guidicelli to fight and promised to support him

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli
Liz Uy

They're still hot items on web this morning, April 5, 2014, almost a week after their romantic night at Tipsy Pig Restaurant. Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli have already displayed their love and affection to the public. They sang the song All of Me in front of their guests and relatives during that night. Based on the report, Sarah was accompanied by her mom, Divine Geronimo.

Undoubtedly, that Friday night was one of the biggest nights for the two of them not only because of their romantic duet but also because of their brave revelation that they are already a couple contrary to their detractors claim that they're not. For the fans and observers who watched their videos online, Matteo is one lucky guy, but according to them, he deserves all the success in life especially now that his princess is showing her support.

Reports are circulating online that the pop princess is promising her support to Matteo Guidicelli if he will continue to fight for her until the end. "Just fight for me and I will support you," Sarah allegedly told Matteo. According to some observers, the hunk actor is doing it. "Actually, the hunk actor is fighting for his sweetheart," they confirmed. Obviously, some observers are talking about Sarah's parents' disapproval for her rumored suitor/s.

Several years ago, the pop princess confirmed that she had a romantic relationship with Rayver Cruz despite her parents' limitations. After their break up, Sarah fell in love with actor Gerald Anderson. Rumors said they became officially a couple but because of Mommy Divine, Gerald was forced to quit. These painful experiences have taught her to become a strong individual, but a source confirmed that the princess didn't want to happen it again. And probably, these are also the reasons why she told Matteo Guidicelli to fight for her.

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