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Sarah Geronimo refuses to talk about Matteo Guidicelli and Delfin Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo
Sarah Geronimo
Facebook screengrab

Cutting her hair short is not an ordinary thing to the pop princess Sarah Geronimo because she will violated her contract with Sunsilk, one of the biggest shampoo companies in the country nowadays, but based on her latest public appearance with Jasmine Curtis and Julia Montes aired on TV Patrol last night, March 7, 2014, Sunsilk has already accepted her new look.

Reports said she was forced to cut her hair due to the alleged confrontation with her mom and dad, Divine and Delfin Geronimo, several weeks ago, according to a source of Pinoy Parazzi, the mom and dad confronted Sarah Geronimo because of her rumored relationship with Matteo Guidicelli.

Reports added that after their confrontation, the pop princess was seen riding on a taxi by an observer. In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Sarah Geronimo did not give any detailed information regarding the issue, she appealed for respect and privacy instead. "This is my personal life and I want to keep it private. I hope everyone will understand that," Sarah Geronimo said.

When asked about the report saying she is depressed and rebelling against Divine and Delfin Geronimo, the pop princess had decided not to say something about it. Aside from a report confirming her rift with mom and dad, an issue about Matteo Guidicelli and Daddy Delfin Geronimo has also come out, sadly, the pop princess decided not to talk about it. She only said "I'm not yet ready to answer that question."

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