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Sarah Geronimo & Matteo Guidicelli's relationship continues to make waves online

Sarah Geronimo
Sarah Geronimo
Fitz Gerald AyaAy/Twitter

Winning Sarah Geronimo’s heart remains hot topic online today, based on the latest report; Matteo is considered lucky because of the rumored approval of Mommy Divine and Daddy Delfin. But before anything else, an interview of Sarah Geronimo with reporters which was posted by ABS-CBN News this morning, July 21, 2014 continues to make waves on social media.

Said article was re-tweeted by 97 Twitter users and was recommended by 556 Facebook users this morning. The singer-actress became hesitant when asked to say something about her personal life; the pop princess said she also has a bad side contrary to reports that she has a very perfect life. Last year, while she was touring in the U.S. for “24/SG, The Birthday Concert,” Matteo came into her life.

Reports said the hunk actor cornered and courted Sarah Geronimo in the U.S., reports added that he also had a chance to ask permission to Divine Geronimo who was with her daughter during that time. They became the talk of the town since then; but despite the the issues and intrigues regarding their rumored relationship, Sarah and Matteo decided not to talk about it. That was a year ago, today is very different. They are now using their admission that they are officially a couple to make their fans and supporters happy.

Every time they go out and talk about their relationship, popsters, AshMatt and even AshRalds who are still hoping to see Sarah Geronimo working with Gerald Anderson, are getting wild. They are shuddering heir fans who are following their respective careers since day one of their reported courtship. All of them agreed that Matteo is really the right guy for Sarah Geronimo because of his showed patience and forbearance. In their previous interviews with local media, Sarah and Matteo revealed that they are planning to get married four years from now.