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Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli equally lucky

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli
Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli

An article from posted yesterday, July 31, 2014 with matching several photos of pop princess Sarah Geronimo who celebrated her 26th birthday last July 25 is now going viral online because of popsters, the concert queen’s devoted fans. Said article is consisting of 11 eleven photos of Sarah Geronimo which was taken at Geronimo’s Café last July 28 when her mom, Divine Geronimo, invited some of her close friends and supporters to celebrate her birthday.

Aside from her mom, her boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli, also celebrated her 26th birthday. The actor athlete was reportedly invited Sarah’s friends to be with her on that special and memorable day. Matteo Guidicelli’s surprise birthday party for her princess, Sarah, who is now being considered by many as one of the finest young actresses and singers in the industry because of her blockbuster movies and concerts in and outside the country, has become one of the hottest topics online just minutes after Garlic Garcia posted several photos of the couple on social media.

Celebrating her birthday with boyfriend Matteo was the pop princess’ first and memorable experience since she started her career almost eleven years ago. Sarah almost had the chance to celebrate her 24th birthday with actor Gerald Anderson, but because of some issues and intrigues that ruined their good relationship, the pop princess was forced to celebrate without Gerald on her side.

Her devoted fans, especially AshRalds, turned emotional after hearing the issue, according to them; the dramatic-action star should come back to court the concert queen again. Sadly, AshRalds’ wish never happened because of the actor’s decision. That was almost two years ago, today, Sarah and Gerald are still not in good terms, but according to the two of them, they are happy and proud for their respective relationships.

Some people say the pop princess is lucky to have Matteo Guidicelli who admitted that he also courted Mommy Divine and Daddy Delfin, just to get the heart of his princess, but when you ask other people’s opinion, they will tell you that both of them are equally lucky.