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Sarah Geronimo explains why she is so lucky to have Matteo Guidicelli

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli
Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli
Instagram/Ryan Agoncillo

“The Buzz,” the longest-running showbiz oriented talk show in the Philippines, featured the pop princess’ biggest revelation about her relationship with Matteo Guidicelli this evening, June 22, 2014; and in case you missed, you can still watch it on YouTube. Several days ago, at the sideline of the thanksgiving party given by Star Cinema for the success of the movie “Maybe This Time,” pop princess Sarah Geronimo confirmed that Matteo Guidicelli is her boyfriend.

In the interview, Sarah Geronimo said she is so blessed to have a boyfriend like Matteo, she also revealed that she has already met the Guidicellis especially the mom. Since then, popsters didn’t stop; they congratulated Sarah for her courage to reveal the relationship publicly. You guys knew that Sarah and Matteo came from their failed relationships before they became officially a couple; Sarah has Gerald Anderson while Matteo has Jessy Mendiola.

At the time, popsters were hoping that Sarah and Gerald will end up together, but because of some issues involving the Geronimos, Gerald allegedly decided not to continue. Their fans got angry when they decided to end their romance, according to them; Gerald should continue and pursue his courtship with the pop princess because he deserves a second chance.

Sadly, the actor decided to leave for good and courted Maja Salvador after a few months. Reports say their relationship is still going strong until now despite the trials and intrigues that almost ruined their fruitful romance. On the Matteo-Jessy issue; some people confirmed that they were in a relationship when Sarah Geronimo invited Matteo to serenade popsters in the U.S.

Reports said that aside from their successful concert tour, Sarah and Matteo have also developed special friendship while performing onstage in front of their fans and supporters. They denied the allegation, according to them; they are just friends. That was almost a year ago, today, things have changed because they are now a confirmed couple.