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Sarah Geronimo doesn't need to confirm her relationship with Matteo Guidicelli

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli

The cameras are still rolling for the movie of Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin, two of the country's most talented actors today. Reports say the movie titled "Maybe This Time," the first movie team up of Sarah and Coco, will be seen in theaters nationwide this coming May 14, and based on an Instagram post of viva artist agency this morning, April 17, 2014, the movie teaser will be released in cinemas this Saturday.

Sarah's love life: Based on her public appearance last March 28, the pop princess Sarah Geronimo doesn't need to confirm her rumored relationship with Matteo Guidicelli, who is now busy with his projects on ABS-CBN because the photos have already been spoken. You guys have seen the photos and videos of Sarah while celebrating her rumored boyfriend's 24th birthday at Tipsy Pig Restaurant in Pasig City last March 28.

Allegedly, Sarah was accompanied by her mom, Divine Geronimo, who is very strict when it comes to her daughters' suitor/s. For some observers who have already watched the videos online, the pop princess had successfully shown her opposition with her mom's implementing rules especially when it comes to men who are willing to court her daughters.

Her photos having lunch with Matteo Guidicelli at Alabang Country Club that have been circulated online two days ago are proof of her successful resistance with her parents' rigidity. The pop princess's acquired liberty from her parents these past few weeks with her sweetheart Matteo Guidicelli has never happened during the time of Gerald Anderson.

Sarah and Gerald romance: In her almost confirmed romance with Gerald Anderson, Sarah has never had the chance to go out for a romantic date, but because of Gerald's maturity, he asked permissions from Sarah's parents to visit their daughter regularly. They gave him a chance to prove his worth for Sarah Geronimo, but for some reasons, he decided to quit after a few months.

And now, it is Matteo's turn. Many of his supporters not only in the country but also in some parts of the world are waiting for his official announcement regarding his relationship with Sarah even though they have almost confirmed their romance last March 28. They are also excited to know if the hunk actor will survive the rules of his princess's parents which according to them where the reasons why Gerald ended his courtship with the number one talent in the backyard of ABS-CBN and Viva Films, two major companies that handle her showbiz career.

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