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Sarah Geronimo celebrates 26th birthday on 'ASAP 19'

Sarah Geronimo
Sarah Geronimo

A tweet of Cris Castillo, one of the popsters, confirmed that the pop princess and certified box office queen, Sarah Geronimo will be on ASAP 19 this coming Sunday. Based on her tweet, Sarah’s scheduled appearance in the longest-running musical variety show in the Philippines is very special because she will be celebrating her 26th birthday with fellow ABS-CBN talents on the show.

According to Tita Cristy, the pop princess decided to advance her 26th birthday celebration due to her busy schedule. “Sarah Geronimo will be very busy for “The Voice Kids” this month of July,” Tita Cristy tweeted. After reading Tita Cristy’s tweet, her fellow popsters confirmed that they will stay at home just to watch their idol’s celebration.

Sarah is so blessed, but despite her success in the industry, the pop princess remained humble and modest. She has never changed; her humility and confidence are two great factors of her successful journey in the industry. On heart matters; the superstar in her generation is saying that she is in love with Matteo Guidicelli, an actor-athlete that almost changed the rules and regulations of the Geronimos.

Matteo is still in the U.S. this morning for a TFC show in Virginia; after he finished his commitment, the hunk actor promised to go back to Manila. For some observers, he is a lucky guy because he got the pop princess’ parents’ approval. Two weeks ago, he came out and talked about Sarah Geronimo; and even though he failed to discuss his feelings, Matteo told everyone that Sarah deserves to be happy.

Going back to Sarah’s birthday celebration in ABS-CBN’s “ASAP 19,” some observers are claiming that she will receive a gift from Matteo, her boyfriend for almost nine months now according to an insider. Sarah has nothing to ask for. She has a solid family, a successful showbiz career and a very steady relationship with a man whom they called prince charming.