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Sarah Drew pregnant as 'Grey's Anatomy' star is with child on ABC show too

Sarah Drew, who plays the conflicted Dr. April Kepner on "Grey's Anatomy," is pregnant in real life. The actress released this happy information via Twitter on July 29 by showing her very large baby bump hiding under a long kelly green t-shirt. Along with the selfie was a caption that said, "Nope. That's not a fake belly."

Sarah Drew and her husband before she was pregnant
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

This is a fortuitous situation for the star of the medical drama that airs on ABC since Sarah's character is also pregnant. So who's the father? On the tube, it's Jackson Avery played by Jesse Williams, who happens to be a new dad himself with his real life wife Aryn Drake-Lee. According to People, the pair met their baby girl called Sadie in December of 2013.

Meanwhile, Sarah Drew's child, to be born later this year in December, will be her second with husband Peter Lanfer, who is a lecturer of Jewish studies at Dartmouth. Unlike her "Grey's Anatomy" character who had the best of intentions, Drew reportedly waited for marriage to engage in sex with Peter. The couple are currently parents to two-year-old Micah Emmanuel, who Sarah claims is good natured.

He also loves to play golf. In fact, Drew admitted that her little boy owns three clubs. She said in a People interview, "[Micah] puts balls into holes, he drives balls off of tees, he actually gets the ball up off the ground and into the sky. It’s ridiculous."

The family belongs to a golf club since Sarah's husband David Lanfer is avid about playing the sport. Drew expects little Micah will eventually join his dad on the course as soon as he's big and strong enough to get that little ball past all the traps.

Whether or not golf is in the future for the future baby to appear soon in Sarah Drew's life remains to be seen. That said, as life imitates art, or vice versa, this "Grey's Anatomy" actress has her hands full since she is expecting on the small screen, too. Congratulations to the new mother-to-be.

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