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Sarah Chalke son suffered from Kawasaki disease

Sarah Chalke is using TV to help bring awareness about her son's disease
Sarah Chalke is using TV to help bring awareness about her son's disease
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On Saturday, the Sarah Chalke son sweeping people off their feet online deals with how the NBC “Scrubs” star discovered that her real-life son was battling Kawasaki disease.

Sarah Chalke, who currently can be seen on “How to Live With Your Parents For the Rest of Your Life,” spoke to People magazine about her determination to find out what was ailing her newborn son.

“You present with all these symptoms, you get a lot of repeated misdiagnoses, you keep getting sent home [by doctors],” said Chalke.

But something was wrong with her son, Charlie, as he had a rash of symptoms that doctors couldn’t seem to properly diagnose. So Chalke took it upon herself to research Charlie’s symptoms, until she came across a website that had the answer.

In short, Sarah Chalke’s son was suffering from Kawasaki disease which, as People describes it, is “an illness that causes inflammation in a child’s blood vessels.”

Now, Chalke is turning her real-life pain into a hopefully helpful piece of fiction. Guest-starring on “Greys Anatomy” a couple weeks ago, Chalke plays a woman who’s son is afflicted with Kawasaki disease.

And because Chalke is bring her real-life story to television, she said she’s been reassured that bringing the disease to the forefront of TV will ultimately help save a few children’s lives.

“The Kawasaki doctor we dealt with said they do a news story every year, and often that saves lives,” she explains. “She said that this [Grey's Anatomy] episode absolutely is going to save lives. It’s going to save some kids.”

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