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Sarah Burke tribute given by freestyle skiing halfpipe athletes at 2014 Olympics

Maddie Bowman pays tribute to Sarah Burke
Photo by Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom/Getty Images

The Sarah Burke tribute at the Sochi Olympics had the world’s attention on Thursday night. The women’s freestyle skiing halfpipe winners were moved by the woman who envisioned the sport being part of the Olympics. Debuting in Sochi, the women’s freestyle skiing halfpipe is a test of skill and focus along with some great moves. According to NBC Sports on Thursday Maddie Bowman and the rest of the medal winners put their hands to the sky to celebrate the late Sarah Burke in a moving tribute.

Sarah Burked died in a training accident only two years prior to her goal of the sport being part of the Olympics. Known as a pioneer for the Olympic dream of the sport to be acknowledged, her name comes up often with the riders on the mountain. While Sarah never got to see the sport debut in the Olympics, every participating didn't forget to mention her name and pay tribute when needed.

The idea to celebrate Sarah’s life started simply with stickers. Athletes put simple stickers to remind them of the woman who they felt gave a contribution to the sport. A “Celebrate Sarah” sticker meant to be proud on the mountain. However, the IOC didn't feel the same way and demanded that the stickers be removed.

The Sarah Burke tribute at the Sochi Olympics reminds everyone that an idea for a sport starts with a dream and then persistence takes over. Add a few years and it is the perfect recipe of what can happen as the world watches. In Sochi the athletes couldn’t be prouder.

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