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Sara Ann Bade: Woman assaulted boyfriend for sleep talking, saying 'bad things'

Sara Bade, charged with assaulting boyfriend for sleep talking
Sara Bade, charged with assaulting boyfriend for sleep talking
Wikimedia Commons

Sara Ann Bade is the name of a woman charged with assaulting her boyfriend this week for the “crime” of sleep talking — or saying a number of “bad things” while he slept — in bed. During his early morning ramblings this Monday, the girlfriend from Montana reportedly grew enraged at what she heard, going so far as to punch, kick, hit and finally throw empty beer bottles at her boyfriend. Canada Journal News has made it known this Wednesday, June 11, 2014, that the unidentified victim rejected medical treatment after his girlfriend’s attack, though the status of their relationship is likely over, safe to say.

In one of the most surprising odd news headlines for the day, a woman from Montana, Sara Ann Bade, is being charged with criminal assault this week after she quite literally began beating at her boyfriend for sleep talking, or muttering in his sleep. Whatever these alleged bad things under his breath were, they were heinous enough to incite Bade to initiate the attack. The boyfriend said he woke up to his girlfriend screaming, lashing out, and even throwing an empty bottle or two at his head.

The official crime citation shares that after the boyfriend failed to calm her down, he left the home in an attempt to diffuse the unwarranted tension. Yet Sara Ann Bade was said to follow him outside; the woman reportedly then fetched a shotgun to threaten the victim. She proceeded to hit him, using the weapon like a baseball bat.

News Max confirms this morning that although the boyfriend fortunately wasn’t shot in this physical assault case for sleep talking, Bade did ultimately use the shotgun to break through the side window — “in an apparent burst of anger” — of the victim’s car. When her boyfriend wanted to leave, she shot a bullet into his tire so he was unable to escape.

It seems that this victimized boyfriend suffered some serious bruising on his left arm after being clobbered by the firearm, as well as an injured ribcage. However, he claimed to be all right and refused any medical treatment. Since the odd news incident, Sara Ann Bade has been placed under arrest.

The woman was found after a brief search, having hidden in the bushes once law enforcement authorities arrived on the scene. She alleged that she did hit him with the gun, but only in self-defense, as he reportedly had struck her first and a domestic violence fight resulted. Bade is expected in court later this month, and is being held in a Montana county jail on $5,000 bail. Police are looking into the incident to verify both sides of the story, and what might really have set this girlfriend off while her boyfriend slept (and, apparently, slept talked) this Monday morning.

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