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Saosin returns with new album


Saosin, In Search of Solid Ground Album Cover. 

In late 2005, many rock fans were introduced to a talented band by the name of Saosin. Their post hardcore and emo-blended rock helped them reach a broad range of listeners. Saosin’s full length self- titled CD was released on September 26, 2006 bringing much success and producing hits, "Voices," and the emotional, "You’re Not Alone."

After touring and playing hundreds of shows, the band seemed to disappear. Three long years later, Saosin fans would finally get their hands on the new album, In Search of Solid Ground. The CD was released on September 8, 2009 and has been quite successful on the rock charts.

Saosin, Self-titled Album. 

Saosin seems to take a new route with some of their songs, especially in their first single, "Changing." The vocals and lyrics blend very well, but it is a different style from what the band usually produces. The previous two tracks, "Deep Down," and "Why Can’t You See," are pretty generic rock songs. This may deter some fans who will be left wondering if Saosin has lost its edge.

However, Saosin proves it can kick it up a notch on a few tracks. The heavy guitars, powerful drums, and Cove Reber’s incredible vocal range is still evident in, "I Keep My Secrets Safe," "On My Own," and "Is This Real." These tracks show the diverse talent of the band members.

One thing Saosin has not lost is their song writing ability. Most of the songs are well crafted and lyrically provide the same emotional impact that was so evident in their huge hit, "You’re Not Alone."

Poster for Saosin PacTour, PacSun. 

In Search of Solid Ground is a decent sophomore effort by the band. Many Saosin fans will embrace the album while some may be disappointed. Overall, the band will continue to reach more fans and become more of a household name.

Be sure to check Saosin at the Crocodile Rock Café on December 3, 2009 on its PacTour. The band puts on a high energy show.

Also, check out their MySpace and website.

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