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Sao Paulo bans animal testing in cosmetics

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With the encouragement of PETA and other animal welfare groups southeastern state Sao Paulo of Brazil has placed a ban on animal testing for cosmetics. It is hopeful that the rest of Brazil will follow in their footsteps. Other countries that have taken action to ban animal testing in cosmetics include the EU, Israel and India. India has also recently announced that the ban on animal testing will now carry over to household cleaning products.

After hearing the voice of animal rights activists Sao Paulo Governor Geraldo Alckmin passed the law. Any institution in Sao Paulo not in compliance will face a fine of $435,000 per animal. Institutions deemed as repeat offenders may find themselves permanently shut down. In October the Instituto Royal lab in San Roque, Brazil was shut down for awful conditions. Over 200 beagles were rescued although some were found dead and many with signs of mutilation.

Many companies do not engage in animal testing. Resources including PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies website are available to find cruelty-free brands. Brands not tested on animals will often specify so on packaging. Some brands will have a symbol from organizations including PETA and the Leaping Bunny.