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Santos Elena Ruiz Solano: Devious maid kills newborn in employer's mansion

This maid killed her own infant in her boss' home after giving birth
police file photo

News 12 Long Island is reporting today that a Honduran live-in housekeeper killed her newborn baby in her boss' Long Island mansion and then discarded the dead baby in a trash bin in the home. Authorities say Santos Elena Ruiz Solano kept her pregnancy a secret from her employers and her husband. She is currently being held in the county jail.

Santos Elena Ruiz Solano timeline: February 2014

Elena Ruiz Solano is married and living with her husband in a home on 375 Clift Street in Central Islip.

She takes a job as a live-in housekeeper at a mansion owned by 69-year-old Raymond Agalora, according to property records.

The New York Daily News reports that the new housekeeper has her own room at the mansion located on the waterfront properties of West Islip, NY. The owners of the home are not aware the live-in maid is pregnant.

Sunday, February 16

  • Elena Ruiz Solano goes into labor and gives birth to a premature baby girl.
  • She beats the baby to death then discards it in a trash bin inside the home.
  • According to Newsday, she called her husband Selvin Adonis Hernandez and asks him to pick her up. Before leaving the Shoal Drive home, Elena Ruiz Solano asks her husband to "take out the trash."
  • He then discards the trash in another location. He has no idea that there is a dead infant inside.
  • The woman soon experiences complications and complains of stomach pains to her husband.
  • A hospital examination revealed that the housekeeper had just given birth.
  • Hospital staff notifies the authorities.
  • The police officers are dispatched to the mansion where they located the dead infant.

Thursday, February 20

  • Elena Ruiz Solano is taken into custody and jailed on second-degree murder charges, according to Suffolk County Police.
  • During the police interrogation, Ruiz-Solano denies giving birth to a baby. After several hours, she admits giving birth but stated the infant was stillborn.
  • Elena Ruiz Solano also tells police detectives she was brutally raped while crossing the border, according to ABC News.
  • An examination reveals that the infant's skull was fractured during the attack.

Friday, February 21

Santos Elena Ruiz Solano is set to be arraigned. She is charged with second-degree murder.

Today's Update March 5

Santos Elena Ruiz Solano due in Judge Stephen Braslow's courtroom today to be indicted by a grand jury, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota told News LI.

Santos Elena Ruiz Solano enters a plea of not guilty in court today.

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