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Santiago's breakfast burritos are fast, cheap, and amazing.


The amazing breakfast bundle.

There is plenty of Mexican food in Denver. It seems nearly ever restaurant in town, regardless of what kind of restaurant it is, will at the very least serve a green chile burrito. This is, for the most part, a culinary blessing; one of the reasons, in fact, why this city a great place to live. However, with abundance and popularity and popularity, there will inevitably be posers. There are countless places to find green chile breakfast burritos and they come in so many styles and variations, some much better than others. In a world of uncertainty, the good people of Denver can rest assured that seven days a week they will be able to get an excellent, and remarkably inexpensive, Mexican breakfast at Santiago’s.

Santiago’s reputation is quite prestigious, and completely deserved. It is certainly a local favorite (it is also the 2009 Westword winner for best breakfast burrito). This chain of small Mexican restaurants has expanded to twenty locations in the greater Denver area, stretching from Longmont down to Castle Rock, and from Lakewood all the way to Sterling, with many Denver metro stores. Hours vary per location, so make sure to check before hand, but most of them open at 7 or 8 a.m. and stay open until 8 p.m. Of course, they only serve breakfast until 11 a.m., so make sure to get there early.

Santiago's at Santa Fe and 6th Ave.

The ordering process is very simple. Each burrito includes a flour tortilla, eggs, potatoes, their amazing green chile, and the meat of the day (chorizo, ham, sausage, etc.) It is all very standardized. There are only a few choices to make. How many do you want? (Two is a good meal for most people, but get three if you are REALLY hungry.) Do you want cheese? (YES!) Do you want it mild, medium, or hot? (Medium is a great balance of spice and flavor, but go for hot if you love the spicy food.) After that, just wait for your order to come up and enjoy.

The burritos are beautiful. Unlike many others in town, these ones are mostly full of scrambled eggs and chile. The potatoes and meat are added in just the right quantities so that they compliment the flavor without taking over the show. They may seem somewhat small, but the incredibly hearty. Seriously, two of them make a filling meal for a hungry person. Even if you need three though, it’s ok. One of the best things about Santiago’s is that they sell these burritos for only $2 each! And that’s if you get cheese. You order at the front counter and after a short wait your burritos come out, wrapped in foil and ready to go. Take them home, eat them on the road, or stay and enjoy them at one of the tables.

The front counter: order here.

They are amazing. These simple little bundles of breakfast are sure to please. They are perfectly proportioned and the green chile is so wonderfully flavorful. Despite the similarity between this food and that of many local bars, this is definitely a more authentic item. Bar food can be really delicious, but this is not bar food. This is great Mexican food.

It all comes together so nicely. Going to Santiago’s is fast, convenient, inexpensive, and consistently pleasing. If you are looking for something different (or if you arrive after 11) they have a complete Mexican menu with tacos, tamales, enchiladas, fajitas, and all the other dinner favorites. Still, the breakfast burritos are truly something fine and should be tried at least once by everyone.


571 Santa Fe Road
Denver, CO 80022
(303) - 534 - 5004

Open Monday through Friday 7AM - 8PM.
Saturday 8AM - 8PM.