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Santee out grills Rubio's for the best fish taco at K39

Easily as good as Rubio's
Easily as good as Rubio's
K39 taco shop

Santee, like other pioneer towns, started lazily along the San Diego River just because it was there. Few have traveled from the low lands of Mission Valley to the high lands at Inaja Memorial Park, sticking to the banks of that same river bed. Midway to Santee one can linger at Devil’s Punch Bowl, submerged on a hot summer day, pushing forward to the call of K39 Taco Shop’s Goofy Foot, which is a fine burrito consisting of chorizo, eggs & cheese which is made fresh and will stick with you all day long at just under $6.00 it’s a steal.

Get the surf mode at K39
K39 taco shop

You will find K39 ( at 235 Town Center Pkwy where it’s been since May of 2011 establishing itself daily for it's better tastes than most taco shops offer over the past couple of years, patiently waiting to serve you with the best Mexican food since Rubio’s started.

Inside you can look about and feel the lure of the surf’s salt spray inviting an invigorating ride on your favorite board and after the sun dries you, order up a good taco and a beer, if only they had a liquor license I’m sure they’d offer you a Dos XX.

There is definitely an ongoing surf motif to K39 and it’s a laid back feel but what’s most important is that they consistently offer great food prepared fresh daily for the hungry ones who like it done well. K39 Taco Shop offers their food from 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. and breakfast is also very good.

When I want a good value at 7:00 in the morning, I do drop into K39 willingly for my breakfast deals. I like that they give me free coffee with my breakfast choice. My usual is coffee, with two eggs, a pancake, and two slices of crispy bacon all for under $5.00.

When in Santee for the entire day, I’ve done breakfast followed by a healthy lunch of their Shredded Chicken Soft Taco for $2.79 consisting of Shredded chicken breast, lettuce, cheese,
pico, guac & sour cream on a flour tortilla.
Finally I finished the day back at K39 for Fish Tacos @ $2.99 (talapia) fish, tarter sauce, cabbage, pico & white sauce so on this day I ate all day for under $15.00 and that included my soft drinks!