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Santa Monica High School fight: School teacher gets in fight with student

A Santa Monica High School fight broke out when a longtime teacher and wrestling coach tried intervening in some sort of drug deal that occurred late last week. LA Times reports April 7 that Mark Black swatted the student then got rough with him by pinning him to the ground. Another student was videotaping the incident. Both students have been arrested and Black is on leave while an investigation into the matter continues.

Police want 18-year-old Blair Moore to be charged with "threatening a school official, possession of a weapon — a box cutter — on a school campus and possession of marijuana on school grounds, in addition to the battery charge."

The 16-year-old hasn't been identified.

Mark Black has gotten an abundance of support from other parents after the Santa Monica High School fight. District Superintendent Sandra Lyon said the incident was "utterly alarming." She immediately put the wrestling coach on leave until the investigation is complete.

There is naturally great debate over this situation since the school teacher was considered brave trying to keep other students safe while others feel his use of physical force was unacceptable and wrong.

What is your take on the Santa Monica High School fight?

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