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Santa Monica high school fight: Classroom fight investigated by outside source

A Santa Monica high school fight between a male student and a male teacher has gained national attention. On April 9, the Los Angeles Times reported that an outside investigator has been brought in to examine the fight which was caught on video by at least one person in the classroom.

The Santa Monica High School instructor was placed on leave and student Blair Moore was arrested after the fight. The school's superintendent sided with the student (after seeing video of the incident) and said that science teacher Mark Black's actions were "unacceptable."

The Santa Monica high school fight has prompted many people to support Mr. Black saying that his ability to contain the student may have saved others in the classroom from being injured. The superintendent has said that she won't take further action against Mr. Black until the independent investigation is complete and that is expected some time after spring break.

"We may have assumptions about what teachers already know. I don’t want any staff member putting themselves in harm's way or in any way doing something that would endanger themselves or others," said Supt. Sandra Lyon, seemingly changing her tune after backlash ensued.

The Santa Monica high school fight may have involved a drug accusation. Students say that it was the student who threw the first punch. Check out the video above for more.

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